5 Ways to Refresh Doors

You can bring a different atmosphere to your home with 5 ways to renew doors. We offer you stylish decoration ideas that can renew doors, which are an important building element in homes.

You can change the look of your room with 5 ways to renew doors. You can renew your old doors or give your door a new look with small touches that you are bored with its appearance. Moreover, it is possible to renew your doors with extremely simple and easy applications. Doors, which are an important building element in homes, nowadays offer many different designs. However, if you do not have enough budget to renew your doors, you can add a different atmosphere to your doors with a lower budget by rolling up the handles. Here are 5 ways to renew doors …

1. Coating


Covering is a good idea if you want to change the look of your door from top to bottom. You can cover your door using vinyl or artificial leather materials. For this, the material you choose in the size of your door and a stapler will be useful. Also, after covering your door, you can decorate it with thumbtacks, staples or other materials.

2. Wallpapers, adhesive foils…


One of the 5 ways to renovate doors is to use wallpapers or adhesive foils. With a very low budget, you can change the look of your doors. Now it is possible to make patchwork from wallpapers and create different designs with adhesive foils. Depending on the decoration style of your room, you can have a great door with the patterns and colors you choose with a classic, modern or Retro style.

3. Painting


If you don’t like covering the doors or decorating them with wallpaper, adhesive foils, brushes and paints are waiting for you… You can make unique door designs with a different paint application. You can even include different patterns on your door by using templates. Before painting, thoroughly sand your doors and wipe them with a clean cloth. You can start by preparing the colors and patterns you want to apply. If you want a different and fun application for your doors, you can also use chalkboard paint. You can have unique doors with blackboard paint.

4. Mirror


The idea of covering your doors with mirrors is one of the ‘5 ways to renew doors… You can change your doors completely, partly or with mirrors that you cut in different ways. Mirrored doors that you will use especially in small square meters will make your space appear wider. Mirrored doors are also a great idea for bedrooms.

5. Door handles


Door handles are one of the 5 ways to renew the doors… You can replace the door handles with ready-made new ones, or you can renew them with small touches and creative ideas. For example, you can paint the doorknobs with metallic spray paints, stick small accessories or use adhesive foils. It is also possible to decorate the door handle with ropes or different strings.



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