Areas with Kitchen Corners

If you want to create ingenious areas for kitchen corners, we bring you many decoration ideas. How to evaluate the corners in the kitchen, alternative ideas for kitchen corners are here …

You can open your doors for different kitchen decoration ideas by constructing ingenious areas in kitchen corners. When the corners in the kitchen are not used correctly, you increase the idle areas. The most dead spaces are not using the wall corners correctly. Extra storage space is always needed, especially in kitchens. Using the corners correctly, you can evaluate the kitchen corners with ingenious areas. In this way, you make room for both extra storage space in your kitchen and extremely stylish kitchen decoration ideas. So, how do you create ingenious areas for kitchen corners? Let’s take a look at smart ideas…

Microwave and TV corner


You can use the cabinets that you will use in kitchen corners for microwave and television. Corners will be a great place for television, which you can easily watch in all areas of the kitchen. For maximum use of the function of the corners, you can evaluate the top of the closet you will use for the microwave, television with open shelves. You can place kitchen accessories or cookbooks on open shelves.

Integrated with built-in ovens


Kitchen corners are also ideal for built-in ovens. By placing your built-in easily, you can provide easy transportation. Thus, you increase your practicality in the kitchen. You can easily integrate built-in ovens in the corners for kitchen decoration ideas.

Small appliances around the corner


It is a good alternative for evaluating small kitchen appliances and creating areas with kitchen corners… You can store your frequently used coffee machine or small kitchen appliances in corner kitchen cabinets.

Ingenious Corners: Open shelves


Evaluating open shelves in the corners will create a cozy space in your kitchen. Using open shelves in kitchen corners, you can evaluate kitchen accessories for seasonings or cookbooks.

Pantry around the corner


Another option of creating ingenious areas for kitchen corners is the cellar… You can evaluate kitchen corners by creating cellar cabinets, whether open or closed. If you want to make the corner that you will use for the cellar more hidden, you can use cupboards with doors.

Corner islands


If the shape of the corner in your kitchen is suitable, you can design this place as an island or breakfast area. In this way, you create a great space for quick breakfasts. At the same time, the corner island will provide you with extra space in the food preparation process.

Range view


It is also a great idea to consider kitchen corners as a cooking section. At the same time, you can provide a good cooking compartment by integrating the hood in the kitchen corner. If you want to create ingenious areas for kitchen corners, you can place your stove here and make an inviting kitchen decoration.

Corner corner drawer


It is also an ingenious idea to use corner drawers for more storage space in your kitchen. You can organize corner drawers for large pots, pans and other kitchen utensils you use less.

Sink in the corner


Especially in the corners on the window side, you can place sinks. Kitchen corners in front of the window, where there will be good lighting, are a very useful option for sinks.


You can create a wonderful space by turning your kitchen corner into a pleasant space. A cedar in your kitchen corner, a table or coffee table will help you enjoy after a tired kitchen adventure if your space is suitable.

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