Bohemian Spirit in Bedrooms

You can create a different, colorful and bold space by bringing a bohemian spirit to the bedrooms. If you are looking for a colorful, free and fun choice for bedroom decoration ideas, you can open your doors to the bohemian spirit.

By bringing a bohemian spirit to the bedrooms, you can also reflect the fun spirit of romance. The bohemian, which first made itself felt as an avantgarde style under the leadership of the European art scene in the 1900s, contains art, originality, abundant colors and patterns. The meaning of the dictionary is the bohemian, which is “a person or a community of a literary and artistic environment with a carefree life day after day without thinking about tomorrow”. Bedrooms are great places to start the bohemian style, which is a very different and characterful style. By applying Bohemian style, you can bring a comfortable and fun romance in the bedrooms.

How is the bohemian spirit reflected in the bedrooms?

yatakodalarinabohemruhu6 To bring bohemian spirit to bedrooms, you can first create a theatrical atmosphere. Plenty of colors, victorian-style dark furniture, velvet-printed home textiles, artistic objects, bohemian styles are among the most remarkable. You can visit antique shops for furniture that you will use in your bedroom. For the selection of furniture and accessories for the Bohemian bedroom, you should include the “story” pieces. You can be very generous with colors when applying bohemian style, which is extremely suitable for exaggeration. You can be bold in color by mixing bright colors such as red, orange, green, blue.

To add a bohemian spirit to your bedrooms, you can place plenty of artistic work on the walls. You don’t need to allocate high budgets for this. For example, you can hang posters on the portraits of artists famous for their bohemian lives on the wall of the bedroom. It is a matter of time to capture the bohemian soul in your bedroom by including the portrait of Frida Kahlo, one of the iconic names of bohemian life… You can be inspired by the portraits of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, musician-writer Leonard Cohen, dancer Isadora Duncan and artist Margaret Olley. It is extremely important to use accessories in your bedroom where you will apply bohemian style. You can make a fascinating effect with old books, vintage accessories, musical instruments, old photos, glass accessories, trinkets, candlesticks and metal boxes. Also, using large plants will strengthen your bohemian style.

In curtains and other textiles you will use in the bedroom, you can include elegant embroidery, lace and patterns that will contrast dark furniture. You can place a patterned bedspread and plenty of pillows on your bed. For a bohemian bedroom, you can use a bed frame or mosquito net.

Don’t forget the lighting elements to bring the bohemian spirit to the bedrooms. Crystal candlesticks, colorful sconces, artistic pendant lamps create an avant-garde effect in bohemian style. Candles are indispensable for the bohemian style…

If you are looking for different and bold decoration ideas, you can bring a bohemian spirit to the bedrooms. We recommend that you take a look at examples that reflect the Bohemian spirit and inspire you in this regard.


















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