DIY ideas for the bathroom

We offer do-it-yourself ideas for the bathroom. Both creative and easy ideas that you will enjoy while making your bathroom beautiful, increasing ease of use,

You can do wonders with do-it-yourself ideas for the bathroom. You can create storage areas for towels, personal care appliances or small items, beautify your washing machine or have a brand new bathroom mat. Moreover, it is extremely easy and low cost… With the tiny touches you will make, you can both enjoy and make room for different ideas in your bathroom. Here are your own ideas for a different and creative bathroom.

Old pot?


Old pots are among the do-it-yourself ideas for the bathroom. By saving an old pot from throwing it away, you can turn it into a wonderful basket in your bathroom. Moreover, at an extremely low cost. Cover your pot by pasting the rope, which you can find from the hardware store, and a great basket for your towels!

Squishy mop

All you need is a non-slip mat, scissors and old towels… Cut the old towels into strips of any length and knot into the mat. Your environmentally friendly and organic mat is ready to use. Moreover, you can easily wash in the washing machine.

A brand new mirror


No need to buy an expensive frame in your mirror. In this project, you can use beads or different stones, as well as glass mosaic plates from building markets. You can have a stylish mirror with do-it-yourself ideas for the bathroom.

Where are the makeup brushes?


No more searching for brushes from the inside of the bag while you make up. You can access your make-up brushes very easily and it will also be a stylish accessory for the bathroom.

As if on the beach…


These mats, which you will do easily, will feel like you are on the beach when you get out of the bathroom. You will have a different and fun bath mat with the stones you will stick on the non-slip mat.

Wire buckles disappear


If you are one of those who constantly lose single buckles, this project is for you. Make a magnetic strip using the front or inside of a closet in the bathroom, do not waste from your wire buckles.

Glass jars


Another project among do-it-yourself ideas for the bathroom… Mount glass jars on a plate using pipe clamps. A great storage idea for cottons, toothbrushes, cotton wool and all kinds of trinkets that you can easily access in the bathroom…

Baskets, boxes …


If you don’t have enough closets in the bathroom, it is possible to create storage areas at a very low cost. For example, you can build open cupboards by hanging hanging pots or boxes on the wall of your bathroom.

Laundry basket


You can make your laundry basket yourself. Paste the straw thread into an old basket and wrap it around and put a cover inside. Your laundry basket is ready.

Are washing machines ordinary?


You can create fun decorating ideas by breaking the ordinaryness of your washing machine. You can completely change the air of your washing machine using self-adhesive foil or ready-made adhesive stencils.

Small touches to the jars


Now cover the bottom of the jars with fabrics and apply some chalk paint. You will have a stylish storage area for combs, brushes or cotton. In the do-it-yourself project for the bathroom, you can personalize your jars with chalk.

Storage space for hair dryer


You can stop hairdryers and blow dryers from creating mess in the bathroom. A creative and extremely easy project among the ideas for do-it-yourself for the bathroom. A great storage space for your hair and blow dryer.

Box box plier


More storage space is always needed for the bathroom. If you don’t have enough cupboards in your bathroom, you can mount the boxes on your wall.

Useful areas


You can also use the cover of your bathroom cabinet as extra storage space. It is possible to make the cabinet door functional with hanging systems.

Used to be a drawer


Do not throw your old drawers in the trash. You can use the drawers as a shelf and evaluate them in your bathroom. You can even hang your jewelery with extra handles that you will add on the drawer.

Candle light in the bathroom


You can create a romantic bathroom ambiance with this project, which is quite easy to do among the ideas for do-it-yourself for the bathroom. Put the sand stones in the glass jars and place the candles in them. You can even increase romance in your bathroom if you use scented candles.

There are no flowers in these pots


You can construct useful areas by evaluating the wall pots in your bathroom. This project will both look great for your personal care items and strengthen your bathroom decoration.

A useful bathroom


Do not forget to evaluate the free side of your bathroom cabinet. Installing a basket made of color or material of your choice in the closet is among the “do-it-yourself ideas for the bathroom”. You can evaluate your basket by putting your personal care tools, toilet papers, towels or newspapers and magazines to read in the toilet.

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