Tile Designs and Models

Before introducing models, shapes and patterns, let’s talk about the preference of the material from which the tiles are produced: As you know, the tiles are mostly made of ceramics. The first product that comes to our mind when it comes to tiles is ceramic tiles. On the other hand, porcelain ceramic tiles, which are durable and strong enough to be used on exterior facades, stand in front of us among our preferences and requests.

Glass mosaics, for which a material called faience is not a very correct name in terms of its production, can also be referred to as “glass tiles” today. In addition to these, patterned cast mosaics called tile mosaic, tile or tile tile are among the oldest used materials that have emerged again in recent years.

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Plastudio Tile Designs

If you use a small bathroom and do not like to use contemporary and futuristic patterns, bright patterned tiles produced by using light gold shine can appeal to you!

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Three Dimensional Pattern Design Tiles

The use of very dynamic and colorful tiles in shaping the walls of small bathrooms and kitchens causes the small area to become even narrower and stifling. We can say the existence of three-dimensional and patterned tiles as a product that design owners who are trying to decorate the spaces they live in wonderfully and add depth to that environment.

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TileFlair Tile Products

Hexagonal tiles used in the flooring of the floor reveal an extraordinary energy with their different form. With its modern and charming appearance, it becomes ideal not only for decorating in bathrooms and kitchens, but also in dynamic and social areas such as living rooms and bedrooms.

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Embossed Tile Products

Relief or relief tiles, especially applied with classical patterns, are one of the most ideal choices of those who want to create luxurious and rich living spaces and those who find design in this direction.

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Metro Tiles Designs

It is possible to say that the tiles are more durable and long-lasting than before. Because, thanks to new technologies, tile production has been diversified, facilitated and strengthened. We are at a time when vintage designs are in high demand. It allows the past and the present to blend with each other. Retro tiles are called subway tiles as one of the nostalgic tiles, the use of which has become widespread in recent years. It is of course possible to find and use intermediate colors of such tiles, which are generally white and black.

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Studio Giola Tiles Designs

Traditional patterned floor tiles are among the most preferred tile models these days. But now these designs are generally used in combination with patchwork designs. Traditional patterns from the past to the present are not uniform, but designs created by combining different models and designs are used as that choice. You can find such patterns. We witness that they are used not only in kitchens and bathrooms, but also in cafes, home entrances and everywhere else.

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Which Tiles Should Be Preferred in Fitness Halls?

Flooring in gymnasiums, flooring in home gymnasiums must withstand a lot of force and violence every day. Therefore, whether you have a gym or use the floor of the gym in your own home, you should pay attention to the use of the floor and you should take care that the materials you use to enjoy the time do not injure you and your feet do not slip.

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From the classic deck floors usually used in sports halls, apart from these, carpet or other floor coverings, all parts of rubber floors, from concrete to concrete, should be carefully selected and the designs for protection should be at the forefront. You must place.

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It doesn’t matter whether you have a large area or a smaller fitness area, other than that you are just a house enthusiast. The basic assumption and most importantly; the original surface should be as hard, smooth and flat as possible. If your original surface is just made of concrete, sweeping is sufficient and you can start laying the floors properly.

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Locked floors are based on a locking system. All four sides are equipped with locks that fit each other perfectly. You will only need a rubber mallet to use these, while being attached they create a strong connection. One person can lay up to 20 m² of flooring in just one hour.

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Solid ground under your customers’ feet is also important during training. Pvc tiles contain anti-slip parameters, so you don’t have to worry about slipping. You can choose from four models, each of which meets European standards for anti-slip.

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Of course, the situation does not seem heartwarming when the negligence and sometimes laziness of used equipment on stands or replacement causes materials to fall onto the floor from a certain place. The impact of a dumbbell or other heavy fitness equipment can cause major problems for the concrete floor during the fall. As a situation scenario, only cracks appear, which is the best picture, and the worst picture stands before us as the concrete starting to flow and even falling. You have no choice but to repair and flatten the floor again. This is reflected in you as a very difficult process not only in terms of money but also in terms of time. When you try to do this, you have to close your business for renovation for a while.

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How To Prepare The Floor Before Tiles And Ceramic?

  • The defects on the application surface should be corrected with suitable repair mortars the day before, depending on the depth and structure of the surface.
  • The floor must be solid so that the ceramics and tiles do not separate from the surface.
  • The strength of the ground should be checked with the help of hammer and chisel at different depths.
  • The straightness should be checked with a gauge, the deviation should not exceed 7mm.
  • If the deviations are below 20%, a local repair should be made, if more than 20%, a general repair should be made.
  • In order to eliminate the risk of early drying of the adhesive on highly absorbent surfaces, the surface should be dampened slightly.
  • If water is absorbed in less than 1 minute, it should be considered very absorbent.
  • During the application, the surface should be kept moist. If the surface is too water absorbent, it should be applied after the primer is applied to the surface.
  • Care should be taken that the application surface has cured.
  • The application surface must be cleared of anti-adhesion materials such as dust, oil, tar, tar, paint, silicone, curing material, detergent and mold oils.
  • All residues must be removed from the surface
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How Can We Determine the Starting Place in Tile and Ceramic Applications?

In the formation of comfortable, healthy and useful residences, workplaces and other structures, it is very important to make ceramic and tile covering materials properly with the right techniques. Usage of ceramic and tile materials; affect the aesthetic appearance, quality for good or bad.

  • In the space, tile-ceramic coating should be started from the visible corners,
  • A good planning should be made before starting the tile-ceramic coating,
  • If it is necessary to use pieces, these tiles-ceramics should be brought behind the doors or in corners that are not directly visible as possible.
  • If the project designer has made a coating plan before ceramic-tile is made, this plan should naturally be followed.
  • If there is no such arrangement, the composition should be at the discretion of the master.
  • The strainer should be designed with a minimum slope of 2% and it should be connected to the ceramic array so that the drainage of the water is correct to the strainer.
  • Ceramics should be cut in accordance with the strainer cap, and a tightness should be provided between the strainer and ceramic.
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How To Lay Tiles And Ceramic?

Wet areas are areas where contact with water is intense in buildings or construction areas. Surface coatings of wet areas are mostly made with ceramic. Before coating the ceramics, water insulation must be done correctly, and then ceramic coating must be applied.

Care should be taken that the surface is cured. The application surface must be cleared of anti-adhesion materials such as dust, oil, tar, tar, paint, silicone, curing material, detergent and mold oils. Weak parts of the concrete should be repaired, plasters that are not adhered well should be removed, the surface should be made smooth and solid, static cracks in the building should be repaired with plaster or high strength mortar. Moving cracks should be repaired with suitable polyurethane sealants. Holes with water should be plugged with aquastop. Pointed ends and corners should be chamfered with chamfer bands. The surface is insulated with waterproofing materials.

Ceramic applications are started three days later at the earliest. In such applications, the most suitable ceramic adhesive should be preferred according to the type and size of the coating material. After moistening the surface, ceramic adhesive is applied to the surface with a suitable notched trowel. It should be ensured that the adhesive mortar touches at least 80% of the back of the ceramic. Depending on the floor plates used and the smoothness of the floor, if necessary, the double-sided bonding method should be preferred and the adhesive mortar should be applied both on the back of the ceramic and on the surface and the boards should be fixed so that the carding direction is perpendicular to each other. Force should be applied on the ceramics with the help of a rubber hammer to ensure good adhesion.

Ceramic gaps should be filled with cement-based joint filling material or silicone-added joint filling material.

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