10 Tricks to Save Space in Living Room Decoration

The living room is not big enough in many homes. You don’t have to renovate and tear down your walls to make living rooms look wider. You can use clever ways to make your living room look wider than it really is. Simple tips like installing a mirror in your living room and choosing the right ceiling paint color will make your living room look bigger than it is. You should also remember that your small living rooms will always look cramped if you have furniture, paper and trinkets in every corner of your living room. That’s why we’ve prepared 10 tricks for you to make your living room look larger than it really is. Enjoyable Readings!

You’ve probably heard that mirrors reflect light when placed in the living room, especially against a window. This will help make a small living room look bright and open, especially with few windows or with little natural light. To visually expand the boundaries of the living room, consider fitting a large mirror across one wall of your living room. If this mirror is placed strategically in the room, the illusion of having another room in your living room can be created.

It’s a wrong idea that small living rooms should be decorated with small pieces of furniture, but in reality it can make everything in that room look small. Instead, you can combine one or two large pieces of furniture to create a balanced look in the room. Instead of purchasing many small items, invest in regular furniture that can perform multiple functions, such as a coffee table that can be used as a concealed storage bench or coffee table, or extra seating when needed. Finally, avoid the tendency of all furniture to be lined up along the walls in hopes of showing empty space in the middle of the room, a move that will only make it difficult to navigate in your living room. Instead, use some furniture pieces like a coffee table or table to create a natural flow.

If you’re decorating a small living room, opt for long, flowing curtains over blinds or blinds. To maximize ceiling height, make sure the curtain rod is mounted close to the ceiling (not above the window frame), or buy panels that bend enough to reach the floor or about two or three feet into the floor.

Using decorative products on the ceiling helps the eyes to look up, making the ceilings appear higher than they are. A hanging plant or a hanging lantern or eye-catching light fixture could work here.   This tip is a good idea, especially for small living rooms that have higher ceilings than expected.

To keep a small room looking light and airy, white is a classic paint choice, but according to paint professionals, there are special shades of white paint that can help make a room look larger than it is.  

In a large living room, the distance between the pieces of furniture and the furniture and walls increases the feeling of spaciousness. To achieve the same airy effect in a smaller living room, avoid too many pieces of furniture placed right up against the wall. To achieve this, you may need to improve your furniture collection and remove one or two pieces from the room.

Transparent items such as glass coffee tables or clear acrylic chairs take up physical space, but transparent designs do not visually take up space. Similarly, furniture that is the same color as the walls in the room can help the pieces blend together, thus requiring no visual attention. Including these types of elements in a room prevents the space from getting mixed up with furniture and other things.

If the furniture is not properly placed in a small living room, the room will look cramped and the corners remain empty and unused. Usually, people instinctively work with the length of the room without considering other layout options or using visual tricks to make their room appear larger. But interior designers and decorators have a few tricks to get out of this situation. From widening the eye angle to visually blurring the contours of the room, there are countless little tips you can use to make your narrow room appear wider. So before you despair at the sight of your narrow room, which seems like an impossible puzzle to decorate your small living rooms, you can have a wide view by pulling the focus from the floor of the room above its height to raise the angle of the eye. If you have high ceilings or architectural features, highlight them to make your room appear wider than it actually is.

Are you working with limited width? Building furniture in a narrow room or hallway can save a few inches and make the furniture feel part of the wall, freeing up space. For maximum results, keep the furniture in the same color tones as the walls to create a seamless effect.

If you really want to make your living room look bigger, you should keep them in the same color family as the paint on your walls. The more a color palette dominates a room, the larger your living room looks.


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