Principles of Interior design

Principles of Interior design

A beautiful and decorated area not only functions well but it keeps changing the mood of people and attracts their personalities, who are residing there. Its two ingredients such as mood, function-that ensure designing and decorating success.

Before taking start on the project, make sure to think about your family members and how they actually live. Look for designers, magazines, and other inspirational videos to achieve better outcomes. Gather certain things that you feel be helping material in your project, and pile up them at the corner of your house for further customizations. This is the first step of getting a well-furnished and decorated area for you and your family members.

For the rest of the ideas, let’s begin with function:


Decorations of any place inside your house are more than eye-appealing. It makes a room look really special and elegant. Here is the following step, how to do it:

  • (Focal point) Sometimes, a room may have a natural focal point, a bay window with an exterior view, a fireplace, or any other Bookshelf built in the backspace of your house. In case your room doesn’t have any focal point, create a dynamic piece of art with colorful patterns and texture.


The mood and natural feeling of a room are created by the choice of your family members, to find the interior with unique colors, the style of furnishings, the type of accessories, and the texture of unique patterns, you choose for it. Since, there is nothing special about creating a mood, establishing a theme through professional designers or a selection from an inspirational piece of furniture can make the particular place more interesting and alluring. The theme, color cues, patterns, textures, scale, and furniture can aid you in creating different moods.