20 Easiest Things to Do with Jar

The 20 easiest things to do with the jar will beautify your homes! The idea of 20 jar decorations that you will enjoy while working and that will be useful to you is here!

Do not throw the jars that are brought home from the market and then keep the path of the garbage. You can find a pleasant hobby by decorating the jars and make solutions that suit your needs. Moreover, you contribute to recycling. Many of the jars that are thrown in the trash like thousands of them come to life with many creative ideas in our daily lives. Tomato paste, pickles, ready meals, jams, baby food jars… You can bring all of them back to life. Just look at the creative and surprising examples that you can inspire. Then roll up your sleeves, start the jar decoration and enjoy!

1. Garden-balcony lighting


You can use small baby food jars especially for this project. A little pebble and candle in them… By connecting the jars, you can have a wonderful lighting for your garden or balcony.

2. Let old laces bring jars to life


You can make an extremely stylish candle holder using your old, worn lace. Squeeze a little spray paint into the jar, stick the lace and decorate the mouth of the jar with rope or ribbons.

3. Pens in jars


You can evaluate the jars as pencil cases. A little paint and creativity, two things you need… You can color your child’s desk with jar decoration.

4. There is a message in the jar


Cut the burlap fabric according to the size of the jars. Write the messages you want or your name on and paste them into the jars you paint.

5. Jar reaches to the help of broken applique cap


If the sconce head is broken, you can create a wonderful lighting element with a jar.

6. Jars on work tables


You can find the solution for your desks with jars. Stick it together with glass glue and let it dry. A great solution for all the junk on the desk!

7. Decorative objects


Stick the inscriptions you want with hot silicone on the jars and let them dry. Paint with colors suitable for the decoration of the area you will use later.

8. Jar cap from old toys


Paint plastic small toys or objects with jar lids. Or you can paint objects and covers in different colors. Jar decoration is that easy!

9. Pincushion from jar


You can evaluate small jars by pinning. Some fabric and cotton will do your job. Your needling is ready…

10. Photo frame


Photos, pictures… A creative and surprising idea from a jar photo frame…

11. Jar painting


You can contribute to the decoration of your home by editing decorative objects with jar painting.

12. Responding to the needs in the bathroom, in the jar


Mount glass jars on a plate using pipe clamps. Cottons, toothbrushes, cotton wool and a solution that fits your needs easily in the bathroom!

13. Make your Terrarium


Jars are also one of the best ideas for terrarium, which has become very popular recently.

14. Spoons-forks in jars


Jars for spoon-forks that you use every day in your kitchen are an ideal storage area. You can have a wonderful accessory in your kitchen by painting jars with a little creative idea.

15. Floating candles


Pour some jute rope into the mouth of the jar and fill it with water. After placing floating candles, your stylish candle holder will change the air of your home.

16. Stylish flowerpots


You can still use glass jars using a plate and pipe clamps. With this creative idea that you will use in the kitchen or bathroom, there may also be stylish flower pots in your flowers.

17. Romantic jars


It is an extremely easy idea especially for those who love romance… Fill a little pebble or sand into the jars and place the candles on it.

18. Soap dispenser from jar


You can use the jars as soap dispenser for use in your kitchen or bathroom.

19. Oil lamp lamp


You can make a stylish oil lamp by adding kerosene oil and wick to your old jar.

20. Stylish solution to the bathroom


With a little jute rope and an object of your choice, the solution for the small needs in your bathroom passes through the jar and your creative idea!



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