20 Honeycomb Cover Models Compatible with Decoration

In the newly built houses of modern times, heating systems are planned to be heated from the floor or walls, ceiling. These heating systems, which are mostly used in large residence-style buildings, are not yet used in smaller buildings. In this type of buildings, classic radiators continue to be used. No matter which room is located, honeycomb cover models come into play to make the house more stylish and to make the radiators more useful. In this article, we have brought together many different types and uses of honeycomb cover models for you.

Heater cover or in other words, heater core coating models are decorative products that are covered or passed over the heater. These products were especially used to cover large, large old radiators. You can also use these covers, which are a very convenient concept to create extra space in small spaces, to make bookshelves, shelves or cabinets. You can make them from wooden materials, thick cardboard or fireproof quality plastic materials.

If your room is mostly decorated with white colors and shades, you can choose the heating cover made of a colored material if you want a brown, more colorful environment if it is decorated with other natural tones. Wood, mica, solid wood materials are generally the most useful. You can get an idea about various designs by examining the heating honeycomb cover models in our gallery.

The heating covers we have mentioned above are generally accepted as coating. There are also handmade knit or fabric heater cover models that can be used in summer and winter. You can also see examples of such knitting models in our gallery.

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