2016 Decoration Trends

2016 decoration trends determine the fashion of houses this year. What are the decoration trends of 2016, let’s look at them all together.

2016 decoration trends give many decisive ideas about home decoration. While eco and sustainability come to the fore in decoration trends of 2016, white color draws attention with artistic objects, dramatic textures and simple highlights.

Sustainability will become even more important in decoration ideas where environmentalist approaches will continue this year. From furniture materials to fabric selection, from paint to white goods, sustainability will be at the heart of decoration. Sustainable materials are also very important for both the home and the environment. Along with environmentalist approaches, white is also the trend color of this year… Perhaps the easiest color of bringing comfort and simplicity to the houses, white will continue to dominate the houses this year. While bringing a bright atmosphere to white houses in terms of decoration trends, 2016 will also simplify the houses. Whether your decoration style is modern or classic, minimalist or avantgarde, using white color provides ease of use.

dekorasyon-fikirleri-16 Sophisticated venues with 2016 decoration trends

2016 decoration trends will bring houses with a story. For this reason, antique pieces will become more important. Decoration style will be embodied with artistic objects along with antique pieces. At the same time, 2016 is the year of spacious houses where dramatic objects are used and balances between old and new styles…

At the same time, there will be textures that will show themselves in almost every room… Sophisticated fabrics, suede, imitation furs, will create relaxing silhouettes. At the same time, brushed velvet and textured sofas and chairs, textured carpets and curtains are among the decoration trends of 2016.

Color and drama everywhere in 2016 decoration trends

The dramatic effects will be used very strongly in the new year trends, where white color draws attention. Bold and dramatic effects, from tiles to wall decoration ideas, from floor to lighting elements, will be felt at home. At the same time, dramatic effects with strong tones will be manifested in wall paints.

In 2016, where white color will prevail, combinations made with strong colors will continue. Besides white, blue, orange, fuchsia colors, neon colors are also very trendy. Dramatic objects will also get their share of colors. For example, neon colored lampshades, objects and accessories will be important actors of home decoration ideas.

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