30 Living Rooms Painted With Pebble Stone Wall Paint

Gray and its tones are the most preferred colors in modern home decorations, especially on living room and living room walls. Gray, which harmonizes with many different tones such as black, white, purple and red, has many tones in itself. Pebble stone color wall paint is one of these shades of gray. It can be used in two different ways as light and dark light.

The prices of the dyes vary not according to their color, but more according to the paint properties. Each paint brand has its own prices and color tones. In other words, the pebble wall paint of the a paint brand and the pebble wall paint of the b paint brand will not be the same. Accordingly, the prices are also different. Marshall pebble color wall paint prices can start from 50 Turkish lira and go up to 200-300 Turkish lira depending on the type and quantity.

Luminous wall paints are indispensable for a bright and spacious home decoration. We have explained in many previous articles that wall colors affect home decoration both physically and emotionally. Pebble stone color, which is a useful, modern and warm atmosphere, easily adapts to any color tone, is a wonderful tone as a wall paint. Thanks to being innovative, it also prepares a comfortable basis for wall decoration. You can place decorative products on it as you wish.

If you say how the pebble color can be combined with other colors, our answer is very easy! From military green to black tones, from very dark grays we call smoked to damson, navy blue and yellow and orange, all these color tones are compatible with the pebble stone wall color. You can choose any or two of these colors for large furniture, curtains or carpets in your living room.

In our gallery, you can see the 30 most beautiful living room samples painted with pebble wall color, which we love to apply and everyone who uses them are satisfied. Based on these examples, you can also make similar color and decoration applications in your home.

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