30 Modern Shower Models You Don't Want To Get Out Of

Bathroom decoration is one of the most important points in home decoration. The basic decoration products of our bathrooms, where we spend many times a day, are showers and shower cabins. Some homes also have bathtubs, but the use of bathtubs is not very common, especially in our country. We have brought together 30 different modern shower models that you will not want to leave with their different designs and different features.

Modern shower cabin models are models made of glass and mica materials. Glass shower cabin models are the most preferred models. Easy to clean, dirt and stain-free makes these glass models more attractive. Shower models vary according to the material properties, shape, size of the doors around the cabin and whether they have a trough. While shower cabin models without boats have an increasing trend, square shower cabin models attract the same attention.

When choosing shower or shower cabin models, you should choose according to the size of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom and you want a relatively large shower area, you should choose these angular round models that make the corner of your bathroom useful. Square and rectangular shower models are narrower than this other round model. Although they seem wide from the outside, these round models are very useful in small bathrooms.

Mica shower cabin models are cabinets that look like misted glass. In order to be bright and spacious, they are generally produced in light and white, transparent colors. These shower models are the models with the cheapest shower cabin prices. Glass shower cabin prices are higher than these. You can find these bathroom furniture, whose prices vary according to their brands, in furniture building stores such as ikea, koçtaş and tekzen.

You can examine innovative and modern shower models in our gallery.

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