3D Wall Designs

3D Beauty on Your Walls

  • Thick material, which is a premium material used for 3D wallpaper production, does not stretch, does not leave bubbles and can be applied easily.
  • You can choose normal material and take the wall picture you want as standard wallpaper with glue and you can easily apply it again.
  • Although there is no visual difference in the prints of premium and normal material wallpapers, the quality of the material especially affects the ease of application.
Duvar Tasarımlarında 3D Teknolojisi
  • 3D designs that will remain on your wall for years without deterioration and fading; It can be applied much more easily compared to foil or vinyl material.
  • It never creates bubbles. It is also not affected by weather conditions.
  • 3D wallpapers are produced completely personally, in sizes determined by the customers.
Duvar Tasarımlarında 3D Teknolojisi
Masood Rangrazan – sculptures – Iran
  • 3D Wallpaper, murals and canvas painting models are produced using HP’s latex printing technology, using water-based inks. Solvents or chemical inks that are harmful to health are not used.
  • Canvas painting models are prepared using water-based ink on 1st quality canvas canvas fabric.
Duvar Tasarımlarında 3D Teknolojisi
  • The print results of landscape painting, world map, office workplace, cafe and restaurant wallpaper, wall poster and canvas painting models are in high resolution photo quality.
Duvar Tasarımlarında 3D Teknolojisi
  • It is very easy to create your illustrated wallpaper model with high resolution photos you take yourself. You can upload your picture to sites with 3d applications and get a price, check the suitability of your picture for printing as wallpaper.
Duvar Tasarımlarında 3D Teknolojisi

Method of Application;

  • The surface to be applied must be free from dirt and dust.
  • Special resin-based glycol glue should be prepared as indicated on the box and applied with a sufficient amount of brush on the entire wall surface and the back of the paper.
  • The paper is raised to the left edge and to the ceiling.
  • Excess glue is removed by pushing towards the edges with the help of a squeegee.
  • The right edge and underlying excess of the paper is cut with the help of a utility knife. It takes 1 day to fully dry.
Duvar Tasarımlarında 3D Teknolojisi
Duvar Tasarımlarında 3D Teknolojisi

Usage Area;

  • Since it has a much lower deformation feature compared to other non-woven papers, it is highly demanded in places where people have close contact, especially in places where there is intense interaction such as offices, hotels and restaurants.
  • It can be easily applied at the head of the bed, behind the television unit and even in areas with wet surfaces such as bathrooms.
  • It is used by applying epoxy on three-dimensional floor floors and wet surfaces (such as bathrooms, toilets), which have been used extensively in recent years. It is widely used under the name of 3D floor covering.
Duvar Tasarımlarında 3D Teknolojisi
  • It is anti-allergic, breathes and prevents the formation of moisture and mold on your wall.
  • Washable. (it can be cleaned by holding water with a hose, with a wet or damp cloth without applying too much pressure)
  • It can be removed and reattached elsewhere.
  • It does not deform like non-woven papers.
  • Textile printing technology is used.
  • Accurate and vivid color is obtained with fabric printing quality.
  • Paint technology that is not harmful to human health and nature is used.
  • It does not contain any carcinogenic substances.
  • Since the product is a single piece, there are no joints and traces anywhere and it is very easy to apply compared to fragmented wallpapers because of the absence of fragmented paper.
  • It does not cause swelling or air bubbles during application.

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