A Wooden Box, 25 Ideas

We bring you 25 decoration ideas that you can easily do with a wooden box. Let’s see what a simple box can turn into. Here is a wooden box, 25 ideas …

A simple wooden box can be transformed into great items with little touches. You can solve your needs at home with fruit or beverage boxes that you can easily procure. You can create wonderful furniture with wooden boxes from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the entrance to the bedroom, from the children’s room to the living room. What you need, maybe some paint, sandpaper and creativity …

Wooden boxes used to carry products, extremely simple materials. It is up to you to create miracles from wooden boxes created with a few pieces of wood and nails. For example, you can make a TV unit, shoe rack, and create extra closet space for your bathroom. A wooden box can turn into a toy box in the nursery, or a closet in your kitchen where you can store small items.

1. TV unit with wooden box


By combining wooden boxes, you can create a unique TV unit. You can build the number of wooden boxes suitable for the size of the area where you will place your TV with the design you want. Before starting work, it is useful to mount your TV on the wall first. Afterwards, you can use the boxes in their raw form or you can evaluate them by painting. For your safety, you should mount the TV and wooden boxes on the wall.

2. Coffee table made of wooden box


You can solve your need for a coffee table by gluing wooden boxes or pinning them together with a few nails. At the same time, you can set it up in the middle of your living room as a center table without fastening the boxes together. Thus, you can use each of them as a service stand when needed.

Solution for shoes with wooden boxes


Wooden boxes are a pretty good idea if you’re looking for a solution to everyday wear. You can enrich shoe stands that you can make from wooden boxes at affordable costs with creative ideas. For example, you can paint in colors suitable for your decoration or get a vintage look by sanding a little.

4. Let the wooden boxes carry the toys


Toys are the materials that families with children need the most storage space… By mounting wheels in wooden crates, you can create both a great toy for your child and extra storage space. It’s up to you to make it more fun by painting wooden boxes and applying a little chalkboard paint.

5. Bookcase made of wooden boxes


The easiest way to solve your library needs is cabinets that you will create using wooden chests… You can have a wonderful furniture with wheels by bringing the boxes together. It will be a stylish library for your living space and a great space for your books …

6.Kitchen shelf with wooden boxes


Trivia never ends in the kitchen. Extra storage space is always needed. You can make the shelves that you will use on your kitchen wall and for your spice and small kitchen items, from wooden boxes. By placing a shelf in the middle of the boxes, you can increase both storage and the elegance of your kitchen.

7. Magazine holder made of wooden boxes


You can also get help from wooden boxes to end the clutter of magazines and newspapers. If you wish, you can make it easier to carry it by attaching ropes to the sides of the box.

8.Wooden boxes under the bed


It is possible to use wooden boxes as drawers to use bed bottoms efficiently. For example, you can place wooden boxes in the bottom spaces of your bed to store summer or winter clothes, excess toys, and items you use less.

9. Fruit basket from wooden box


Here is a wooden box, one of the 25 ideas… This fruit bowl, designed in a very creative way, will look great in your kitchen. You can use the fruit rack that you can place just under your kitchen cabinet by painting it in any color you want.

10. Plates in wooden boxes


You can place your vinyl collection in wooden boxes. You can also use wooden boxes in their raw form, which will make it easier to find the vinyl you want.

11. Vegetables and fruits in wooden box


By combining wooden boxes, you can design wonderful fruit and vegetable containers. By using as many boxes as you want, you can make a fruit and crisper according to your needs. You can include a wonderful fruit and vegetable rack in your kitchen by applying the chalkboard paint on it.

12. Assemble wooden boxes, get pouffes


You can have a great pouf by combining wooden boxes. After bringing the wooden boxes together, cover them with MDF. If you want, you can move your pouffe by mounting wheels under it.

13. Service table with wooden box


Here is a wooden box for you, one of 25 ideas… You can also use the wooden box that you can make a coffee table as a service table. It is even possible to use it as a nightstand in your bedroom with the same application.

14. Wooden boxes and work table


Do you need a cost-effective desk? Here is an extremely stylish desk without straining your budget… Bring the wooden boxes together and cut MDF on it and your work table is ready. You can create shelves on your desk by using wooden boxes.

15. Trivia in wooden boxes


This furniture, which you can set up especially for entrances, will be very useful for you. Mount wooden boxes on top of the wall and place wicker baskets inside. Your furniture made with small touches will look great during your training.

16. Cabinet from wooden boxes to bathroom


You can use wooden boxes to create extra storage space in your bathroom for towels and cosmetics. You just need to assemble the appropriate number of wooden boxes for the size of your bathroom wall.

17. The idea of a coat rack with a wooden box


If you’re looking for an affordable coat rack, a few wooden boxes will do the trick. If you mount the wooden boxes on the wall without joining them together, you will also evaluate the tops of the boxes. You can paint the boxes any color you want, or apply different paints to each if you want a fun look.

18. Wooden boxes in wardrobes


Using wooden boxes in the wardrobe will make your job easier. You can use small items of clothing, such as socks or scarves, here, or use wooden boxes for dirt going to the washing machine. We recommend that you use a fabric cover inside the wooden boxes.

19. Wooden box by bedside


You can make a wonderful bedside table by mounting tall legs in a wooden box. It is the cheapest way to have stylish furniture that will meet your needs in the living room or bedroom.

20. Wooden boxes in children’s rooms


Using wooden boxes for toys, books and accessories in children’s rooms is a very fun idea. For your safety, don’t forget to mount wooden boxes on the wall.

21. Wooden boxes in the laundry room


If you need extra shelves in your laundry room, you can use a few wooden boxes. By painting wooden boxes, you can make wonderful cabinets.

22. Wooden boxes in the kitchen


If you do not have enough cabinets in the kitchen, you can meet your needs with a very low budget. If you want, you can use wooden boxes as kitchen cabinets by leaving a share or combining them all.

23.Make room on the kitchen counter


If you have a small kitchen, a wooden box will give you extra space. Attach a few hooks inside the wooden box and it’s a great storage for your cups and small jars.

24. Stylish solution to firewood


Here is a wooden box for you, one of 25 ideas… You can create a stylish solution by placing your firewood for your fireplace or stove in wooden boxes.

25.Desktop cabinet made of wooden box


You can create extra space on the table by bringing together the wooden boxes. While being a very stylish solution for pots and accessories, wooden boxes will also make your work easier.

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