Antique Furniture Painting and Decoration Examples

Even if you are bored with the furniture you use, you can get magnificent furniture with little touches. You can design very stylish furniture with antique console painting, antique table painting techniques, and renew the air in your home. There are different methods of making aging paint. What are the old paint colors you can think of? How to wipe out? How about examining our article together that we will try to answer such questions?

1-How To Do Tumbled By Wiping?

In order to wipe out, you first paint the floor color of the furniture you want to paint, with the color you want, in 2 hours intervals with 24 hours intervals. Then, you mix 2 parts of glazing medium into 1 part of aging cream. You apply the mixture on the drying floor quickly. You are wiping in the same direction as a dry sponge. We recommend waiting a few days for varnish processing.

2-How To Wear Out With The Budak Tool?

Do not intimidate the use of knots. Apply the processes we mentioned above in the same way until the last stage, but if you do the aging process with a knot tool, not sponge, you will give the look of natural wood. We recommend you to try knot with relief cake.

What are the colors of aging paint?

It is possible to make aging paint with any color you wish. We would like you to know that the color chart is very wide in wood painting aging powders.

4- Antique Furniture Decoration Samples

Console painted using gray aging paint will be the crown of your living room. Don’t you think the color transitions of the console look very elegant?

Antique furniture made using knot tool looks dazzling with the harmony of colors. The mirrors on the console added elegance to the room. Likewise, you can paint your bedroom.

We recommend you take a look at our gallery where you can examine antique furniture and decoration samples.


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