Armless Sofa & Sofa Bed Models and Prices

If you do not need a complete living room set in your home, you can take advantage of armless sofas and sofa beds that you can use both as a bed and a sofa. Armless sofas, which you can use especially in the rooms of children and young people, are preferred due to the lack of space. You can make any color of armless sofa and sofa bed models suitable for the decoration of your home, as well as order according to the size and measure you want. If you choose the sofa bed models with boxes, you will also provide yourself with storage space.

Now let’s examine the armless sofa and sofa bed models together with their average price information.

It is the most preferred armless sofa model due to its ergonomic structure and comfortable use. Its average price varies between 900 and 1300 lira.

If you are fond of both visuality and comfort, we recommend this model. Its price is between 1100 and 1300 liras.

The sofa model, which provides easy cleaning due to its high feet, which does not take much space, is between 800 and 1300 lira.

You will be very comfortable with the sofa bed model that dazzles with its elegance. The average price of the model varies between 1000-1500 liras.

Comfortable and stylish wooden legged sofa bed price is between 3000 and 3500.

The price of the functional model, which you can use both as a double TV chair and as a bed, is 1300 lira.

You can view very stylish armless sofa and sofa bed models from our gallery.

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