Avoiding Decoration Mistakes

In order not to fall into decoration mistakes, your priority should be to examine the decoration sites and get information from decoration magazines. Everyone makes their home more livable for themselves and their families; and at the same time, he wants his house to have a modern and fun appearance for those who will be their guests. Therefore, when designing your home for many similar reasons; For the furniture you will use and buy, other decorative objects should appeal to your eyes first, and then it is important that they are pleasing to your heart. However, it is also very important to comply with architectural standards, although it is ignored. Because; In our society, we always look for the answer to the following question in our shopping: “How can we buy the best quality at the cheapest price?” Unfortunately, our elders gave an important answer to our question years ago: Cheap meat hardly has stew.

What we need to understand is that looking for ways to get cheaper by considering the cost part of the job; actually it will only be an act of saving your day. Of course, we are not saying spend all your budget, but if you can buy a furniture or an object you can buy, do not compromise from buying it, if you run for the cheap of that product, be sure that the final will be harmful. When it comes to home furniture and accessories, your priority is quality. Not so much, after a short time, deformation, aging, wear and many other problems will come one after another in the products you use. For this, the more important of these problems will be the start of your dissatisfaction. However, when everyone comes to their home, they want to have a peaceful and comfortable environment. Here, he wants to get rid of all the stress he has experienced or to get away from all the problems he has encountered during the day and, with the simplest example, he wants to drink a cup of tea with joy and joy by stretching his feet in front of the TV. However, if the TV unit is not at the correct viewing height considering your eye level in sitting position and if sunlight and bright colors fall on the screen due to incorrect positioning of the television; Then the TV unit is positioned incorrectly. In order not to fall into decoration mistakes, your sensitivity to these issues will be of your benefit. However, a television should be positioned so that it can be viewed comfortably from the furthest and closest seat. Here, even in an easy example, if these details are not paid attention to, then you may be upset.

Therefore, if you do not want to encounter these and similar decoration mistakes, but also want to be peaceful in your home; You have two options. First of all, before designing your home, you should either meet with an architect who is an expert in this business or do a very comprehensive research. For this, you should first determine the purpose of use of the room and why and what kind of design it should have. If you use both country, classic and minimal furniture together; This is very overwhelming and causes a complex design, which is something that nobody wants. If you want a contrasting decoration, there is no situation we can do for this anyway J, for this, we recommend that you use at most two different styles together. After that, when choosing furniture or home accessories , you should pay attention to the color and light harmony of the room and then the arrangement order. Since I made such mistakes once, I had learned a broad lesson. After doing the necessary work at all these stages, you can continue by specifying information or examples from different catalogs and promotional brochures. You should go and see the furniture or products you like in the store, examine them and check their comfort and suitability for your home. Everyone’s home is undoubtedly a unique space for himself. For this reason, the comfort and comfort in your home will display a family picture that gives you happiness and peace. Happy decorations… Hope not to fall into decoration mistakes Hata

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