Bathroom Models

As we enter the summer months, we continue to offer you the most special bathroom models for the design team and homeowners who make their homes and buy their houses. Each area is expanding like a range within itself and it is impossible to present them to you at once; therefore, we will continue to offer this wide area to you as much as we can.

Banyo Tasarımları

Do Wooden Models Make Swelling in Bathrooms?

Now that you want new designs real wood models kullanılmaktadır.ahşap-looking materials are natural wood use outside of kullanılmaktadır.Bu should indicate so on, Turkey’s three sides coastal humid olmaktadır.banyo part due to covered with sea is the part which is already plenty of itself water This is why I cannot say that it does not swell to you. Although very successful solid works are done in this regard today, the wood will start to deform in the future because it always has its own characteristics.

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How to Apply Wood Bench Protection Oil?

Although many people today believe that when using solid wood countertops, it is necessary to lubricate the counter frequently, we can say that this is not so true. Wooden benches need regular and regular maintenance just like other countertops. However, a quality solid wood bench covered with protective oil and special varnishes during the production process will not require maintenance for at least two years.

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At the end of two years, it is enough to undergo a procedure that will not take you half an hour with a care that you can easily apply yourself. This process requires a sponge, fine sandpaper and protection oil. You can prefer oils with natural ingredients such as linseed oil and linseed oil as protection oil. It is possible to easily find oils with natural ingredients to lubricate wooden surfaces in DIY stores or online stores. After you have these three materials, what you need to do is to lightly sand the pre-cleaned and dry wood worktop with fine sandpaper to properly remove the roughness and damage that occur. After sweeping the dust created by the abrasive with the help of a brush or a cloth, then absorb the oil on your wooden counter with the help of a sponge and wait for it to dry for 24 hours. When you perform this simple maintenance periodically, your solid wood materials will always look perfect and their durability and life will increase.

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How Can I Fix The Damaged Area On Wooden Surfaces?

When there is a common damage to wooden surfaces such as scratches, stains, and burns, it is much easier to repair and restore wooden surfaces than other equipment. All you have to do is remove the natural oil and sandpaper you used during the annual maintenance, sand the damaged area thoroughly and then lubricate it with a sponge. After drying, you will see that there is no color difference with the rest of the wooden surface.

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How Can We Clean Marbles?

Test a small portion before trying new products or methods. If you are unsure whether the product is suitable, consult the manufacturer’s recommendation. If wear or discoloration occurs, stop using the product immediately and seek professional help.

Add a cup of baking soda to the water
Dip a clean cloth in the solution
Wipe the marble surface without pressing too much, but for stained areas you will need to press a little more
Let it dry for 1-2 hours
Rinse using clean water and dry with a soft cotton cloth
Although it may seem strange, using chalk in cleaning marble will give an effective result:

Break 3 pieces of chalk
Beat in a mortar until it turns into powder
After slightly moistening a cotton swab, wipe the marble in a circular motion.
Clean regularly to facilitate cleaning of marble surfaces. Also, be picky about the marble cleaning products you want to use for marble floor cleaning. Carbonate or chalk can be effective in cleaning marble surfaces. Always test your new products on a non-small part.

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How to Clean Tiles?


You can use baking soda to remove stubborn stains on tiles. Mix one part water with two parts baking soda and apply between the darkened tiles. You can get a more effective result if you keep it overnight. After waiting the mixture on the surface, scrub it with a plastic brush until you see the dirt is completely removed, and after the process is completed, rinse with hot water and clean it completely.

If you have more stubborn stains between tiles, you can try using baking soda with vinegar, not water. First, apply the powdered soda between the tiles. Then spray the vinegar you put in the spray bottle on the soda. If you wait a little while, you will see that the chemical reaction starts and bubbles form. After cleaning between the tiles with a plastic brush, rinse with water and remove the vinegar and soda. You should not keep this mixture for too long. Since it is acidic, it can cause corrosion.

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First of all, clean your tile floor with hot water and remove the dirt on the surface. Then, spray the diluted vinegar consisting of half water and half vinegar between the tiles, which you can easily prepare yourself in a spray bottle at home. Wait about five minutes and brush it off with a soft brush. Instead of a large cleaning brush, you can use a toothbrush to be more practical. When you have finished cleaning thoroughly, rinse the floor with hot water. This method will be a very effective practical cleaning method for cleaning slightly contaminated tiles.

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If you have a very dirty and very difficult surface that you cannot remove using these methods, spray the hydrogen peroxide you put in the spray bottle between the darkened tiles. Brush thoroughly with a brush and repeat this several times. If you still can’t get rid of the stains after brushing, prepare a paste by mixing two parts baking soda with one part hydrogen peroxide and apply it between the tiles. After waiting for a while, brush it again and when you see that the stains are completely cleared, rinse between the tiles with warm water. With this method, you can get rid of difficult stains between tiles without damaging the tile floor.

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