Before – After: Bright Hall

Before and after: This time we bring you the bright salon project. The hall, which looks very dark, colorless and gloomy, has turned into a magnificent living space with smart decoration ideas.

Before and after: The bright living room decoration project is one of the creative answers to the question of “how to create a spacious and attractive living room from a gloomy hall”. The balcony door to the right and the radiator to the left of the 14 square meter small hall have been the main problem in furniture layout. However, very smart solutions have been found for this.

The work started by painting the walls of a gloomy and boring hall in white. In this way, the living space, which is small and does not receive much daylight, is made to appear larger and brighter than it is with white color. White store curtains were used instead of dark curtains. The wall with the radiator has been used as a great TV unit with an extremely smart application. Shelves were set up on the radiator to hide the cables and create a display area for books and pictures. The owner’s berjers were painted white and covered with linen fabric, and a double sofa and sitting area were completed. The darkness of the double sofa is broken by yellow and blue cushions. The vintage glass center table, purchased as second hand, adapts to the sitting area. On the floor, clean parquets were preserved, and jute rugs were used on it.

Before and after: In the project that offers bright living room decoration ideas, the most striking part is that it offers a spacious appearance. The feeling of spaciousness and light is emphasized with the furniture used, color and lighting elements. White vintage floor lamps have contributed significantly to the white walls and spacious furniture layout.

In the window section right next to the balcony door, a wonderful sitting area has been designed. The space in front of the window was covered with wooden panels, a cushion was placed on it, and a small tea table was used next to it.

On the walls of the hall, the frames with oyster shells collected by the family on vacation are remarkable. Thus, personality was added to the living space with small touches. At the same time, the map used in another frame is a very nice idea.

Before – after: The bright living room project has completely changed the gloomy and boring living space. With smart decoration ideas, a useful, bright and clean look is achieved.









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