Before-After: Small Bathroom

Before-After: We bring you the small bathroom renovation project. The small bathroom of approximately 4 square meters has left its old and useless appearance behind with a renovation project.

Before-After: The small bathroom renovation project has been turned into a bright and useful space thanks to smart choices. The small and dark old bathroom, as well as the electrical system, was about to reach the dangerous point. The bathroom, which does not seem dark and spacious despite having a small window through which daylight can enter, has been transformed into a spacious, clean and modern space thanks to smart applications.

The pink tiles, which were continued on the floor and up to the window of the wall where the bathtub is located, have been completely removed. Blue and white tiles are used on the floor and the bathroom is dominated by white. White color integrated with blue. Instead of the bathtub, a glass cabin is used to make the bathroom look wider and more spacious. A stylish space was created by building glass bricks instead of the old window. The integrity of the floor is preserved by using the tiles used on the floor inside the shower cabin. In addition, by creating niches, enough space has been created for shampoos in the shower cabin. A comfortable bathroom pleasure is provided by providing a sitting area with white ceramics in the shower cabin. On the white ceramic walls of the bathroom, mosaic ceramic stripes in blue tones are made to flow in the form of water.

A modern wooden cabinet has been placed in place of the old and worn sink cabinet. Thus, the appearance of the bathroom captured a spacious and warm ambiance. A clean look is achieved with the modern wall lamps and plain mirror used on the sink cabinet.

Before-After: In the small bathroom project, a great pleasure area has been designed at low cost. A bright and comfortable space has been created in a simple, simple but extremely elegant bathroom. Thus, a 4-square-meter bathroom was renewed without compromising on all comfortable spaces and a sense of spaciousness. Before-After: The small bathroom project will give you decorating ideas for the bathroom you want to renovate.






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