Brave Kitchen Decoration

The bold kitchen decoration was designed in French country style, creating an extremely elegant and sophisticated ambiance. Both stylish and bold kitchen decoration will inspire. This time, we are bringing you a different, original and courageous cuisine in the “Room of the Week”.

The bold kitchen decoration is designed with strong accents, absorbing the French country style well. French elegance is continued throughout the kitchen. The focal point of the kitchen is the famous range of oven brand Lacanche. A special niche area has been created for the oven, which is integrated with French elegance and quality. In the kitchen where white cabinets are preferred, the wall where the oven is located and the spaces above the white cabinets just opposite are covered with black and white damask patterned wallpaper. While referring to the French style with Damask patterned wallpaper, it also harmonized with white cabinets.

Natural stones were used in the “bold kitchen decoration”. Travertine was generously used on the wall of the niche where the oven was, on the counter and on the floor. The kitchen of approximately 30 square meters draws attention with the use of two separate islands. One of the islands is reserved as a preparation area and there is a sink here. The maple island is placed next to the kitchen window and the main dishwashing section. The second island is designed as a dining and preparation area. The second island, located just behind the cooker, is complete with three dark mink-colored leather short bar stools. Thus, the islands placed behind the cooker oven were provided to serve preparation, cleaning and pleasure areas.

Lighting elements are also carefully selected in the kitchen, which is very rich in daylight. With the chandelier located just above the islands, a magnificent harmony has been created with both the French country style and the travertine used. The French elegance was continued in the main cleaning area where the sink in front of the window is located. The stylish and elegant lampshades placed on both sides of the sink are also striking accessories in terms of bold kitchen decoration.

The bold kitchen decoration is complete with a small armchair next to the cooker oven for pleasure and relaxation. Integrated with white cabinets, the sofa is covered with fabric inspired by the colors of travertine. An elegant look is achieved with the French clock on the wall where the sofa is located.

Elegant, different, strong and bold kitchen decoration is here as the “Room of the Week”… Hoping to inspire you with decoration ideas…






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