Calm Bedroom

The quiet bedroom is impressive with its clean, spacious and peaceful decoration ideas. We chose ‘Room of the Week’ to give ‘calm bedroom’ home decoration ideas.

The quiet bedroom has been turned into an extremely peaceful place with its selected colors, accessories, furniture and textiles. Sand beige color was preferred on the walls of the 37 square meter bedroom. Pastel blue roller blinds are used on the windows of the bedroom, where daylight is plentiful, and the cream and earth colors that dominate the ‘quiet bedroom’ are colored in blue. While the mediocrity in the bedroom was breaking with blue, the calm and peaceful atmosphere was preserved. The high headboard white bed and simple home textiles contributed to the clean and spacious look of the room. Wall decoration was made with 3 porcelain plates just above the headboard.

Integration with white lampshades is provided on the vintage bedside tables placed on both sides of the bed. To the right of the bed, there is a chiffonier with a gold leaf mirror. On the left side of the bed, a study area has been designed. Wooden parquets and a wooden table, a linen chair and a beanbag are placed to match the colors that dominate the entire room. In the section with the study section, a wonderful personal space was obtained with the picture rails.

It is designed as a modern and peaceful area with its sand beige walls, calm bedroom dominated by white, cream and earth colors, soft jute carpet on the floor. Lighting with brass, glass bead chandeliers and lampshades used on the ceiling has been solved very simply and elegantly.

A reading and resting area is set up for this quiet bedroom just opposite the bed. A pale blue armchair, a wooden tea table is placed in the middle of a white single sofa. In this section, a wonderful wall decoration is designed with 12 gold-framed flowers and plants pictures dominated by blue and earthy colors.

Highly modern and quiet bedroom with its selected colors, furniture and accessories attracts attention with its peaceful ambiance. We chose this ‘quiet bedroom’ as the ‘Room of the Week’ for inspiration for bedroom decoration ideas.









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