Cashmere Runner Carpet Models

The decorations of the spaces that allow the transition between the rooms are as important as the room decorations. Entrances and corridors are covered with different styles of carpets according to their length. Since ancient times, corridors in home architecture are generally designed narrow and long. As such, narrow and long carpets, which we call runners suitable for these narrow and long areas, emerged. The most popular cashmere runner carpet models also included different designs in wide, very narrow and medium narrow designs in their special collections this year. Runner rugs, the width of which you decide on, are sold in huge rolls in many places. In other words, whatever the length of your corridor, you can buy carpet as long as you want. Runner carpets cut to the length you want are also overlocked there, thus preventing the carpet from spinning afterwards.

Entrance decoration is as important as the rooms

When you first enter your house, it can be a huge entrance. You may be entering any of the rooms and then moving to other rooms. However, in any case, the decoration of the corridor catches the eye when the transition is made between the rooms. While the showcase of our house is going to our hall, we have to pass through the corridors and entrances. As such, corridor decoration is also important. Entrances were prepared using tiles and similar flooring materials since ancient times. Although different materials are being used gradually nowadays, there are still tiles in many homes. In such floors, it is necessary to use thick runner carpet models with non-slip soles. The sprue, which does not have a non-slip base, can easily slide in a quick walk, and the person on it may fall back. Such slidable carpets pose a great danger in homes with children. Just like the non-slip floor kitchen rugs used in kitchens, non-slip floor runners should be preferred. It is possible to find non-slip floor runner carpets in all designs and colors you can think of.

The colorful, easy-to-clean runners are desirable.

The runner carpets we use in the corridor get dirty much faster than all room carpets. The most important reason for this should be at the entrance. If you choose these carpets from bright colors, colorful and stylish designs, you will not have to clean often. In addition, runners that can be wiped or easily cleaned save you time.

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