Classic Dining Room Sets

One of the most inspiring dining room decoration ideas is classic dining rooms. These sets, in which embroidered and embossed furniture designs meet bright velvet fabrics, take people on a journey in time in their own home. However, classic dining room sets take up a large space because they consist of larger and larger furniture than other dining room sets. So for this type of dining room, you may need a very large hall or a large room.

When you look at the Renaissance paintings, which are the most flamboyant and elegant period of European history, you will see rich banquet tables arranged on huge dining tables. When you go to any palace, there are also huge tables and dozens of chairs and huge dining room furniture. All of the furniture, which is the most beautiful representative of this classical period, is in cream and beige tones. Since then, these color tones have been the color of classical furniture. It is very easy to find dining room sets in these colors that easily fit with almost all curtain and lounge sets.

Original designs consisting of the combination of modern dining table models and classic velvet upholstered large chairs are also among the most beautiful sets of recent times. These designs, some of which are heavy and some are modern and sports, provide a perfect balance between the two styles. Modern tables and embroidered chairs have a much more attractive appearance than you think. You can also choose these designs, which you can combine with the buffet and curtains of your choice, from different color groups.

Classic dining room sets are best conceptualized with velvet curtains in double-breasted style. If you have a living room with large windows and you don’t have a dining room, you should definitely use the window as a dining room. You can easily illuminate the part with the seats as you wish, but there should be sufficient natural lighting in the dining area for breakfast. In addition, you can make both yourself and your guests feel like they are in a palace with the stylish environment you will create with thick light color velvet curtains. Do not forget to complement these velvet curtains with tulle in light shades.

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