Colorful and Sophisticated

Every detail of this colorful and sophisticated living space has been meticulously furnished. Inspired by the modern Victorian decoration style, the living room is both colorful and very bold… We chose this stylish living space, the “room of the week” that inspires decorating ideas.

The living area, designed in a colorful and sophisticated way, is decorated in a very bold way. Located in the northwest of England, the living space designed according to the needs of the owners of the house attracts attention with its colorful and sophisticated as well as regularity. A black short L sofa is combined with a fuchsia armchair and mustard-colored medium pouf. The light gray walls have the fireplace and the mirror placed on it, and elegant wallpaper is used. Choosing a neutral wall color for a colorful and sophisticated space is a very smart choice. The colorful and sophisticated design is strengthened with the stylish pendant chandeliers placed on the ceiling with elegant plasterboard ornaments. Shaggy carpets are used on the floor. The shaggy carpet, which is the same color at the entrance of the seating area, is painted in fuchsia color in stripes to make a nice reference to the sofa.

With the mirror placed right above the fireplace, the room that generously receives daylight has made the room even more spacious. With the cupboard library placed right next to it, a great space has been created for both the television and the bookcase. There are family photos just above the L sofa. Thus, the colorful and sophisticated room has been made warm and useful at the same time. References to an eclectic style are made with an antique desk and transparent chair, a traditional pouf and victorian-style lighting elements.

The vintage windows of an apartment in England have been left intact and blinds are used instead of curtains. In the rest of the living area, a black and plain console is used. Just above the console is a white-framed table and two golden sconces on the sides. Inspiring us with decoration ideas, this living space draws attention with its colorful and sophisticated as well as its extremely neat and clean appearance.

Would you like to take a stroll in this beautiful room that gives great ideas for living room decoration ideas with its colorful and sophisticated look?





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