Colorful Boy’s Room

Colorful boy’s room inspires decorating ideas. We chose the “colorful boy’s room” as the “Room of the Week”, with lots of colorful, mixed patterns and various graphic designs.

If you are looking for colorful boys room decoration ideas, we are magnifying a place that will inspire you. The baby’s room, whose gender was determined as male during the design phase of the room, draws attention with its colorful and mixed patterns. Approximately 20 square meters of colorful boys’ room is adorned with surprising graphic patterns. Stripes in turquoise, light yellow and white colors are set up on the ceiling. The graphic patterns on the ceiling provide a playful command of the whole room. Graphic patterns and colors are used in opposite ways. The wall with the cot and the wall right in its axis are covered with a wallpaper made of black brush strokes. Graphics patterned tables are placed right above the bed. Mustard color, one of the accent colors in the room, was also used in one of the paintings.

A dark anthracite console is placed on the other wall covered with black and white wallpaper consisting of brush strokes. The console is finished with a stylish mirror and mustard-white lampshades. On the right side of the console, the gray armchair created for the mother is completed with a mustard yellow seat cover and a foot pouf.

Light brown wallpaper was used on the other walls. Graphic patterns were also continued on the curtains in the window. The light colored plain carpet used on the floor has been selected to bring all colors and graphics to the fore. In contrasts, but harmonious, colorful boys’ room created a very pleasant impression. The vintage glass watermelon lighting element used on the ceiling also contributed to the whole room.

This fun room, where you can be inspired by decorating ideas for boys’ rooms, is a good example of the harmony created by contrasts. We chose the “colorful boy’s room” as the “Room of the Week”, with lots of colorful, mixed designs and different graphic designs.





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