Curtain Models of This Year

Curtains; It is the main decoration product of our house. They reflect our style at home. They are in all the visuality with our lifestyle and furniture.

Curtain selection is also an important issue. Its function should be determined correctly and it should not interfere with the sunlight needed in the house. Of course, the room of the house that will be used also varies in curtain models.

Today, there are many curtain types and models on the market. Apart from the well-known tulle, roller blinds, bead and background sash curtains, rope curtains, country curtains, Japanese curtains and folded curtains are among the trend models of this year.

Reflecting both your style; While choosing the curtain types that will bring elegance to your home, it is useful to consider the harmony with your furniture and the brightness of the house. We have brought you the most trendy curtain models to create an idea in your mind so that you do not get drowned in curtain models .

Tulle curtains;

Tulle curtains are the familiar classic curtain model. We are used to seeing guipure tergal tulle curtains on our windows for years. It was a style that you will meet in every house you go with satin blinds that complement the tulle curtains. Apart from the tulle models that are known today, linen, silk and organza tulles started to be used. Our work is now much easier with both more color options and the biggest problem of washability.

Forget the familiar background curtains;

Satin blinds used on the sides of our curtains, thick fabric and gloomy covers no longer create a stylish appearance. Background curtains used to be chosen to match the color of the furniture, there were not many fabric and color options. The current curtain trend is not like that. It is possible to use background blinds in the fabric and color you want. Decorating the plain background curtains descending from both sides of the windows with curtain accessories will add elegance to the elegance of your curtains.

New curtain trend; roller blind,

Its price, style and modern appearance have made roller blinds the new trend. Roller blinds used in offices; all over our house now. You can use it only as a curtain; If you want, use it as a sunshade behind your curtain, it is certain that you will change the air of the room. The pattern and color scale is also wide enough to force you to choose.

Dismantle your home cornices;

We recommend you the country style curtains that you will immediately take off your familiar curtain models with cornices and add an ethnic atmosphere to your room. It is possible to use country curtains with rustics instead of cornices in any area you want. Linen tulle curtains will add elegance to your room as curtains in the decoration you will complete with patterned backgrounds instead of plain.

A stylish breeze from the Far East to your curtains,

A new trend curtain trend is Japanese curtains. Although it appears as a vertical curtain, it is its biggest feature that it is wider and fixed. You can choose wicker or wooden apon curtains that will suit your wide and high windows. Abundant pattern and color options are also available.

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