Curtain Models

If you are looking for curtain models, you may be a little confused. Because hundreds of colors, patterns and application options are waiting for you. So, what should be considered when looking for the most beautiful curtain models and what kind of application should it be? Here are some helpful tips…

While looking for curtain models, we come across rich options. In addition to beautiful colors and patterns, many systems and applications are being added day by day. Elegant tulles, cornice systems, drapery fabrics, curtain pediments… Curtains called “wedding dress of the house” are of great importance in decoration. Curtains that ensure the privacy of our home should also reflect your style with stylish decoration ideas. You can create stylish focal points in your space with curtains that contribute to living spaces. When choosing curtains, you should pay attention to the appropriate color and pattern. Your curtains should complement the decoration of your living space while highlighting the windows.

When choosing curtain models …

Whether you choose a classic or a modern decoration, you should pay attention to being easy to clean when choosing curtain models. If you have a busy schedule, it would be useful to choose models that do not require ironing. If you are going to use two different fabrics or mechanisms, you must make the right choices. For example, if you are using a patterned fabric in one, your choice should be the plain one in the other. You should also choose curtains suitable for your living space and usage habits. For example, do you want your curtain to block out too much sun or to make your room that does not receive daylight spacious? Your choices should be appropriate to your wishes and needs.

Classic curtain models

When choosing curtain models, if you prefer classic, you can use white or ecru tulle. Especially if you want to benefit more from daylight, using tulle will be the right choice. At the same time, with the suspended ceiling system, you will eliminate the problems adjacent to the ceiling. Curtains with a cornice system are extremely practical. Easy to hang and remove, this system provides a neat appearance. You can also get a rich look by using tulle and thick curtains together. In addition, it is possible to create a modern ambiance by using simple tulles with flashy background curtains.

Rustic curtain models with rails

Especially if you want to get a modern decoration, you can use the rail system. You can complete your decoration with curtain models by using large patterned fabrics and single color fabrics together. By using the railed rustic system in the window, you create an extremely stylish look and create a warm atmosphere in your space.

Double-breasted curtain models

Double-breasted curtain will make small spaces look wider. If you have a small window, you can use your wall to make the space more spacious with double-breasted curtains. Double-breasted curtain models will also give your living space a flamboyant atmosphere. You can use tulle or organza fabrics in double-breasted curtain models, which are also offered with a mechanism. If you are going to use a double-breasted curtain model, you should not forget to specify the wing direction when ordering. It is a correct and useful idea to use double-breasted curtains in spaces with balcony doors on the side. If you want your double-breasted curtain to be in the middle of the window, remember that you need to be very careful when taking measurements.

Roller blinds models

Today, there are quite rich alternatives in roller blind models. You can make blinds with a solid color or use patterned roller blinds for all windows. It is also possible to customize your roller blind with a special printing system. If the place you will apply gets a lot of sun, make sure that it is light-proof when choosing a roller blind. Roller blinds stand out with their durability, cleanliness and rich variety. When buying roller blinds, make sure that it can be wiped, washed or cleaned. You can use roller blinds, which also have a folding feature, in many places from the bedroom to the living room. You can create a different atmosphere by using roller blinds with background curtains. The point you need to pay attention to this is to choose one patterned and the other plain… For example, if you choose a patterned background curtain, you should use a solid color in your roller blind. In this way, you will have a unique view of your window. There are also motorized roller blinds. By using motorized roller blinds, you can easily interfere with your curtains with the help of a remote control.

Japanese curtain models

The Japanese curtain, which is the new trend in curtain models in recent years, is ideal for high walls. You can choose both fabric and tulle in the Japanese curtain application, which provides ease of use thanks to its mechanism. If you want to use a Japanese curtain model, you should be careful not to have a radiator or furniture at the level of the curtain. If you have a radiator ledge just below your window, the Japanese curtain is not suitable for your space. You can decide the number of panels according to the width of your window.

Jalousie curtain models

If you decide to use blinds in “curtain models”, you have two options as metal or wood-bamboo. In both options, you should pay attention to the quality of the material. You should look for a thick micron in metal blinds and a varnish feature in wooden blinds. You can easily use the blinds, which are extremely easy to clean, especially in the kitchen, study or youth rooms.

Connected curtain models

If you are looking for flashy decoration ideas, tie-in curtains are just for you. Organizing the curtain rod or rail slightly wider than the window width will make your window appear wider. You can tie draped and patterned curtains on both sides of the window with stylish ties. If you tie the curtains to cover the wall by leaving a margin on the right and left sides, you will show the curtain area wider than it is. If you have used your curtain selection for plain models, you may prefer more flashy brooches.

Zebra curtain models

Zebra curtain is one of the smartest and most functional curtain models recently. The zebra, which you can use both as a blinds and a curtain, also has a rich selection of patterns and colors. The zebra curtain, which you can use from the kitchen to the living room, from the bedroom to the study, collects less dust as you open and close it. The zebra curtain, which is extremely easy to clean, can be cleaned quickly with the help of a delicate detergent and sponge. In addition, many companies that do zebra curtain cleaning provide services in this regard. Moreover, with the zebra curtain, you can decide the height as you wish.

Here are the seductive and beautiful curtain models.





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