Decor Ideas That Make Your Narrow Hallways Wider Than They Are

One of the problems encountered when decorating is working with narrow and dark corridors. You also have a corridor with limited range of motion, where you cannot add the objects you want, and you cannot get a response even if you add them. What can you do with this corridor? Although it feels a little hopeless, it is actually possible to do good work in these narrow spaces. Imagine, apply …

Here are some tips for turning a narrow corridor into a livable warm space.
1- You can use a mirror
Consider adding one large mirror or a handful of smaller mirrors in the center of the hallway to expand your viewing areas.

2- Add Symmetrical Shapes

3- Illuminate the Area as Much as You Can

4-Paint Your Corridor Walls in Light Colors

5- Color the Floor

6- Lay the Floor Covering Longitudinally

7- Fill the Walls with Frames and Pictures

8- Use the shelves

9.Use Long Runners

10- Use Furniture Parallel to the Corridor

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