Decoration Suggestions for 1 + 0 Apartments


If you are looking for decoration suggestions for 1 + 0 apartments, we bring you many ideas. No matter how small the square of living spaces is, there are stylish and useful applications that you can make thanks to smart decoration ideas.

Today, with the increase in the square meter prices of both the single population and the apartments in the cities, 1 + 0 flats are quite popular. Also called “studio apartments”, 1 + 0 apartments contain all living spaces in a single room. 1 + 0 flats, which combine kitchen, bedroom and living area together, can turn into wonderful places with functional decoration ideas.

Creative decoration for 1 + 0 apartments

First of all, we recommend using light colors for 1 + 0 flat decoration. If you want a bright and spacious apartment, you can use pale shades of blue, yellow, gray, pink and green as well as white. You can also get help from the mirrors to increase light and depth. In 1 + 0 apartments with American cuisine, it may seem difficult to construct the living space and bedroom. Since both areas are different in functionality, you can set up the living area and bedroom independently. It is possible to separate the bedroom and living area with the screen, wardrobe, panel or a curtain. In this way, it becomes easier to organize according to your needs and to use different lighting elements.

The choice of furniture for 1 + 0 apartments is also extremely important. Do not forget to take the dimensions of your apartment before shopping for furniture. Because a sofa or a table that you like may disappoint you while you are at the door of your apartment. It should not be forgotten the functionality of the furniture along with its dimensions. You should choose comfortable and functional furniture that you like. You can make maximum use of each square meter to create sufficient storage areas in 1 + 0 apartments. Especially open shelves will look stylish and meet your needs for storage areas.

If you need decoration ideas for your 1 + 0 apartment, you can take a look at the stylish and creative applications we have chosen for you. It will inspire you to decorate your apartment.


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