DIY Ideas for Home Decoration

We are here with the ideas of design yourself for home decoration that bring a different breath to the subject of decoration and enable new generation designers to emerge. Although no one feels that way, everyone actually has a creative spirit, a designer piece inside. If it were not so, our lives would be spent chasing after styles, home decoration experts and interior designers. We would spend all our money and time on these things. But of course it did not work that way. We created extremely successful styles both while decorating our homes and decorating ourselves. While we were making stylish combinations with a simple jeans and a white t-shirt, we also combined an old sofa set with a few decorative accessories and created a brand new style.

We have mentioned in our previous articles that one of the most important elements that determine the atmosphere of the home decoration is accessories. We also talked about the importance and effect of choosing accessories. In this article, we will talk about decorative accessory ideas that come up with your own ideas and are much more economical and stylish than ready-made accessories. Let’s see, everyone reveal the designer inside you!


DIY ideas for home decoration are endless. You can make perfect examples of these ideas for the living room, kitchen, hall and bathroom, or even children’s room. The easiest are designs usually made using glass bottles and jars. Get the materials you want to put in, lots of artificial snow and glitter. You can find out what you can put in depending on the size of the jar or bottles. Allows easier insertion into long bottles by cutting them in the middle. It should not be forgotten that colored papers, watercolor and gouache paints are very important in this kind of accessory preparation. You can use empty wine bottles, water bottles, milk bottles in this kind of accessory preparation. You can even make a variety of glasses from these bottles. Since we have prepared ideas about making accessories, in this article, let’s never go into the topic of usable materials such as glasses. We can talk about them in another article.

Wall ornaments, door ornaments, decorative shelf models are among the most used materials in any home decoration. Design yourself ideas for home decoration most inspire us to make great designs with these and similar materials.

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