Do It Yourself: Old Mop Refresh


You can beautify your door front with the old floor mat renovation project. With an extremely simple application, you can save your old mop from garbage and have a pleasant time.

The first thing your guests come to your home is the entrance to your door. “First impression” is very important for your home to look welcoming and beautiful. The old doormat in front of the door will not be pleasant for the first impression. If you are interested in “do-it-yourself projects”, you can save your old mat from being garbage. Thus, you will have a pleasant time with a budget-friendly project.

It is a very low budget to do an old mop replacement project. You need spray or fabric paint and templates in the forms you want… First of all, you should decide what kind of impression you want to create in front of your door without choosing a template. You can use numbers, animal figures or different patterns on your old mat. After deciding on the colors, the job is to create the template and realize the project.

You can also make applications in your own creativity without using a template for the old floor mat renovation project. For example, it is possible to reveal your artistic side by mixing the colors. We offer examples that will inspire you for the project, which will distract you at the weekend, have fun while doing it and will eventually get a new mat. You can get to work, inspired by one of them.

1. Choose colors, paint


2. Key on the mat

3. Stylish figures on old mats

4. There is a message!

5. Refreshing old mat with colors

6. Easy application with stencils

7. Tape, paint…

8. Letters…


9. Numbers …


10. Create template, paint…

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