Eating Pleasure in Fire Red

This beautiful place, furnished to enjoy a meal in fire red… We chose an eclectic style dining room as a “room of the week” by using modern and classical pieces together.Enjoying a meal in fire red can be a bold decision. It is very difficult to use red, which is one of the strongest colors, in decoration ideas. However, the dining room, where “dining in fire red” is enjoyed, offers very different and creative decoration ideas.

Fire red combined with white. The strong appearance of red is provided without too many accessories and patterns. Thus, a mixed appearance of the dining room is prevented with excessive accessories. The walls of the room were painted in red, ensuring a perfect harmony with the white panels. The layout of the dining room is animated with patterned orange and red patterned curtains. French style windows and patterned curtains add harmony to the decoration of the room.

Furniture pieces of the dining room are also carefully selected. The large wooden table was accompanied by the second hand bought chairs. The white chairs are also covered with fire red velvet fabric, ensuring integrity with the room. Gold fasteners were used in the coating of the chairs, so that the chairs were saved from the simple appearance. Other remarkable furniture in the dining room is a vintage console. With its wooden texture, the vintage console is in harmony with the dining table. The mirror on the console refers to the whole room with its vintage design and to the walls with its color. Although the mirror is new, it is remarkable with its vintage design. It also served to distribute all the light bouncing through the window into the room. In the frame of the table placed on the opposite wall of the mirror, white color was preferred to be compatible with the wall panels.

The lighting of the dining room, which was enjoyed in the fire red, also had an extremely dramatic effect. The vintage-style gold leaf pendant lamp reinforces the overall look of the room. In addition, the pendant lamps are integrated with sconces on both sides of the windows.

On the floor of the dining room, a soft carpet with cream and brown patterns was used to cover the entire space. While choosing the color and pattern of the carpet, care was taken not to tire the room.

Fire red, a strong color, has been used very successfully with this magnificent decoration. It has become an extremely inviting dining room. We bring the dining room, where you can enjoy a meal in fire red, as the “room of the week”. May the muse be with you for decoration ideas…






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