Examples of Home Furniture Suitable for Your Room's Shape

In the light of the developments in the furniture industry in recent years, many types of products have emerged in terms of functionality and aesthetics. As a result of this situation, people started to make more difficult decisions about which home furniture to choose. At this point, we, the Architect at Home team, have come together to help you in your decision-making process. With our interior architect, you can explore your home online, arrange your home furniture according to the recommendations of our interior architect, or shop for furniture according to the recommendations given. If you wish, you can also examine the furniture color samples of our interior designers.

Seat Selection in Home Furniture

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Especially in recent years, functionality has gained importance as well as visuality and comfort. According to the current situation of your home, many factors such as the shape of your seat, the design of its corners, whether it is a sofa bed, your remote adjusts the uprightness of your seat, and whether there is a socket in your seat with the development of technology, are now being taken into account when choosing a seat. If you want to read more articles about these kinds of different sofa sets,

You can read our Sofa Set Models and 50 Great Example articles.

How Should Your Table Preferences Be?

A table where you can have dinner with your family or friends in the evening and then raise the temperature of the environment with a hot tea and have breakfast on that famous Sunday occupies an important place in our lives in terms of our social relations as much as a seat. And it can be used for many functions such as table seat. For example, a chandelier you put in the middle of your table can increase the elegance of the environment, or you can sprinkle puzzle pieces on the table and make a puzzle. Of course, this is just a small part of what can be done on the table. What you can do at your table actually depends on the table you prefer and where you position that table in your home. Here again, your needs and tastes come into play. You choose the table according to your answer to a number of questions such as whether the table has drawers, how big the table is, what color is it. For example, to make a desk, a medium-sized table will be enough to put your lamp, books and computer. If you wish, your desk; You can choose products that have shelves under or above the table to put your books or documents. And the job doesn’t end with the table, you also need to choose a chair of the right color and size for your desk. Here we recommend that you try and test the chair before you buy it.

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Considerations When Choosing a TV Unit

  • 26 Interesting Television Unit Ideas and Examples
  • Decoration Ideas and Examples Behind the TV Unit

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The TV unit is actually one of the important home furniture displayed to our guests. While the accessories we will put on add elegance to the room where the TV unit is located, childhood, youth and family photographs found with the accessories increase the sincerity and warmth of the environment. Deciding is hard work, especially if your decision is a long-term decoration choice. But you can make this difficult decision easier by examining our TV unit models and prices and by discovering your home by our online interior designer, you can make your decision come true.

Indispensable Part of Home Furniture: Coffee Table

Coffee tables are like the little brothers of the tables and both are loved equally. The coffee table, which is generally preferred in the living room, has many facilities such as ease of transportation and small footprint. Coffee tables are diversified with different names due to the difference in their functions and designs. For example, the middle coffee table, side table and zigzag coffee table are examples of these. To mention briefly these coffee table types; The middle coffee table is a type of coffee table that is slightly larger than the other coffee tables in the middle of the carpet opposite your seats. The side table is the smaller and more individual version of the middle table. Nesting table is the most preferred type among the coffee table types. Thanks to its interlocking structure, it easily saves space and thanks to its multiple coffee tables, it helps to distribute the treats you will offer to your guests or family more evenly.

In recent years, there has been a great variety of coffee table designs. There are many different innovative coffee tables such as coffee tables with drawers, coffee tables with shelves, coffee tables in different shapes and so on. You can read our article about coffee table models, where we brought together 30 types of coffee table examples as the Architect team at Home, and you can get an idea about these types.

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