Far East Breeze in Bedrooms

The Far East breeze creates a mystical and peaceful ambiance in the bedrooms. You can use the deep wisdom of the Far East for a bedroom full of absolute calm and peace. First of all, you shouldn’t create a tight feeling in your bedroom. You can combine wooden materials with natural and pastel colors. You can increase the emphasis by using accessories, lighting and textiles in forms that evoke the Far East. You can also choose wicker and rattan materials. If you want to feel the Far East breeze in your bedrooms, here are the decoration ideas that will inspire you …

To create a Far East breeze in bedrooms

It is extremely important that you use the elements that characterize this style. Especially the colors and the form of the objects will strengthen the style. You can use blue, white, orange, yellow and red colors. At the same time, carved wooden furniture, rich textiles, oriental patterns will create a sophisticated and striking effect. Lighting has a great place too… Mosaic lampshades, candles, lanterns and oil lamps are just for this style to create a romantic and dim ambiance. It will be suitable for oriental patterns, bedspreads and other textiles, as well as for curtains. You can also create assertive but powerful focal points with Far Eastern style wallpapers. You can create wonders with copper, brass, ceramic and cast iron materials in the selection of accessories.










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