Fun Living Room

The fun living room is decorated in a way that the whole family can enjoy. We chose the “Room of the Week” for this stylish living room, where colors are used in abundance and promise fun.

The fun living room has been transformed into an extremely striking living space with both the colors, the forms used, and the furniture selected. Setting out from a place where families with two young children can spend time together, the living space is designed according to the needs and hobbies of each member of the family. The living room and the living room are separated by a dense pleated linen curtain instead of a wall or panel. In this way, both rooms are designed independently of each other, while at the same time, when needed, the two rooms can be opened to each other comfortably.

One of the most important things when looking for home decoration ideas is that it is suitable for needs and provides high comfort. In this living room decoration, it is emphasized that the family can spend time together in a comfortable way, considering the needs. It is decorated so that two young children interested in music can make music comfortably, and family members can watch TV together, relax and enjoy. The TV unit was created by making furniture for the beamed wall of the living room. Young children’s guitars are placed on both sides of the TV. Thus, children have easy access to their guitars and a stylish accessory has been created for the TV unit. The art work of the family on a wooden panel is placed on the beam to the left of the TV unit. The most striking feature of the living room decoration is vintage wallpaper. The intense yellow patterned wallpaper was applied on a single wall, preserving the spacious look of the room. The blurred photos placed on the wallpaper made a striking effect in the room.

While the fun living room is designed with comfort at the top, stylish furniture and accessories are not compromised. Light mink-colored L sofa, complemented by yellow, turquoise and orange cushions. One of the most entertaining furniture of the room is the transparent plexi swing… This modern swing is the most seductive furniture of the “fun living room”. The chained swing promises fun and comfort …

The furniture of the living room is complete with 3 multifunctional pouffes in the middle. Striped and colorful pouffes are considered both as a sitting area and as a coffee table. The orange-cream colored carpet placed on the oak parquet floor, on the other hand, adapted to both pouffes and the whole room. The decoration of the living room with large French windows has preserved its bright feeling. In addition to the LED lights on the ceiling, a stylish floor lamp is placed next to the L sofa.

The fun living room decoration draws attention with its comfort and generous use of colors. Both the color and the fun were continued in the accessories used. This cute, modern and fun living room is here as the “Room of the Week”… Hoping to give you inspiration on decorating ideas…






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