Furnish Your Bathroom Like a Living Room


Furnish your bathroom like a living room… If you are looking for bathroom decoration ideas, your priority should be comfort. Now, bathrooms are designed as living spaces and decorated.

You can increase your comfort with the suggestion “Furnish your bathroom like a living room”. Bathrooms have become more than just taking a bath. With the decoration ideas, the bathrooms became like resting places after a tired day. You can turn your bathrooms into personal care and relaxation rooms with much more than a shower tray, toilet bowl and sink.

Lay out your bathroom like a living room, but how?

It is possible to examine living room design approaches for bathroom decoration ideas. While decorating your bathroom, which is a personal care and relaxation area, you should take care to emphasize your comfort, increase your practicality and create places that will make you feel good.

Bathroom walls are the beginning of therapy. An important part of keeping your bathroom inviting when you open its door is the walls. If you are tired of classical ceramics, you can make creative applications on the walls of your bathroom with wallpapers or paint ideas. The important rule to note here is that your wallpaper or paint should be water and moisture resistant. Nowadays, there are many alternatives for bathroom tiles. For example, it is possible to evaluate the walls separately. You can only cover one wall with wallpaper and tile the other walls. You can also create the impression of a living room by hanging paintings and posters on your walls. It is possible to personalize your bathroom wall by placing the photos you want in different frames. In this way, you will add movement to your calmer walls.

Increase your comfort

One of the issues that will strengthen the idea of “furnish your bathroom like a living room” is the furniture. You can place a cabinet or console in your bathroom to create a cozy living space. In this way, you will have plenty of room for storage space. If you do not have enough space for the cabinet or console, you can get help from the shelves. Your bathroom decoration will be great with the accessories you will place on the shelves. You can also create the impression of a buffet with open shelves.

You can include sitting areas in your bathroom to increase its soothing and relaxing properties. If you have enough space, a small-sized armchair or a comfortable pouffe will both increase your comfort and make your personal care more comfortable. It is important to take care that the furniture and fabrics you will use in your bathroom are strong against water and moisture. In addition, large pieces of rugs on the floor of your bathroom will strengthen the idea of “furnish your bathroom like a living room”.

Don’t forget to have fun in the bathroom

For those who like to spend long time in the bathroom, don’t forget about fun. In your bathroom, you can include a television or electronic items that you can listen to music. For book lovers, it is possible to increase the pleasure in the bathroom. Books that you can place in a basket or on shelves in your bathroom are a good idea both for decoration ideas and for your pleasure.

Bright and spacious bathrooms

Another important heading of the proposal “Furnish your bathroom like a living room” is the lighting elements. Get rid of the classic watermelon appliques in your bathroom. Why shouldn’t flashy, stylish chandeliers, modern pendant lamps take place in your bathroom? In addition to pendant lamps, you can play light games for your pleasure by using wall sconces or strip LEDs.

Furnish your bathroom like a living room, enjoy it. Here, you can browse through creative examples for the idea of “furnish your bathroom like a living room”.


















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