Furniture Decor of One More Home

Furniture Decor for Small Homes

1 + 1 houses can also be made very useful. With a proper home design , you can easily fit your belongings and your furniture… First of all, you need to choose furniture suitable for the square meter of your house. Next should be decorating the dead areas of the house and your empty walls with cabinets. In this way, you will have a small but useful home and you will have no problem placing your belongings. The more shelf systems you have in your cabinets, the more organized your items will be. This improves your quality of life and will allow you to live comfortably and regularly even in a small house.

When decorating studio apartments and 1 + 1 houses, one thing to be careful about is that you do not go to very dark tones when choosing your furniture. The lighter furniture you choose, the more spacious your home will look. This will make sure that your square meter doesn’t actually seem too small.

Sofas are indispensable for the home. First, you can get the first item of your living area by choosing a sofa that suits your home and taste. Afterwards, you will find the furniture of your living area with a dining table, chairs and TV unit suitable for the size of your home.

If you care about memories and have a lot of photos, you can frame and hang your photos on an empty wall that is in your view. In this way, many of your memories that take pleasure as you look and leave a happy smile on your face will be with you at all times. In fact, a few unimportant accessories can change the decor of your home more than you think. Accessories are like the soul of the house. They make your home look more attractive and warmer. Those few trinkets we underestimate are actually objects that make our homes look great. That’s why we should be careful when choosing accessories.

Carpets are not preferred in 1 + 1 houses. Even if they are made, small carpets per square meter should be preferred. Finally, one of the important points is the lighting system of your living room. Because you use light colored furniture, you will make your home look brighter if you use white light at the same time. You can also use a stylish floor lamp for both decor and additional lighting.

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