Garden and Balcony Decoration Ideas

Garden and Balcony Arrangements

Our gardens are the places where we spend the most time in summer and spring. You can beautify your garden with a beautiful landscape work . Everyone likes to have a space that they can arrange according to their tastes. Moreover, you do not need to spend a lot of money. You can get a stylish look with small and nice arrangements you will make yourself. Did you know that you can also cover non-landscape seating nicely and cheaply? You can research and find out what you can do before making garden arrangements .

Don’t waste – don’t throw away any of your old items. For example, old car tires. If you want a very comfortable chair, they can be very beautiful flowerpots. If you want to use it as a sitting group, what you need to do is very simple. You need to cut a board that you can cover in the middle of the tire, then you can add a stylish and beautiful image with a cushion of the same size to be comfortable. You can paint the tire in the color you want and make it much more elegant. Yes, since we have taken care of the chairs, there are many options that you can use as a table. One of them is the old beer barrels. You can also paint your barrel the color you paint on the tires and complete your set. Here your seating set is ready. In this way, you can make a stylish garden arrangement.

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You can get the help of flowers to add a nice ambiance to the environment. You can feel much better with the colorful seasonal flowers that you will plant in your garden. Although there are many different flower pot models you can use, there are many options that can serve as flower pots. Canned food, old hats, baskets of old bicycles. It is up to your creativity.

Garden Flowers

The grown flowers change the soil structure and kill the germs in the soil. The life span of garden flowers is very different. As flowers with a life of 1 year; They are flowers that are formed within one year and whose life ends after the seed is formed, and produced only using seeds in the following years. As an example; Petunia, Miss Life, Firefly, Vinca Flower, Begonia, Ornamental Pepper, New Guinea, Clove, Velvet, Gillyflower, Rooster, Pansy, Violet, Basil and Snapdragon flowers have a short life span. The flowers that last for 2 years are the flowers that complete the leaf and shoot development in the 1st year and give flowers, fruits and seeds in the 2nd year.

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They die at the end of the 2nd year and are reproduced in the following years using only seeds. Examples of these types of garden flowers; We can say Hüsnü Yusuf, Gazonya flowers. Long-lived flowers are flowers that live longer than 2 years. Even if the upper parts of the soil dry, the roots remaining under the soil are flowers that later form shoots. As an example flowers; Snowball, Artanca, Geranium, Lily, Amulet flower, Daisy, Rosary flower, African Violet flowers. Those who will do the business of growing garden flowers for the first time should first grow a small amount of flowers suitable for the climatic conditions. If the climate adapts and the soil accepts flowers, the amounts can be increased. When the flowers are first planted, they need care very much, and should be treated with care in terms of water and cleanliness. Sunlight angle is also important for flowers. They should benefit from sunlight once in the morning or evening.

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Balcony Flowers

Don’t we want to add a touch of nature to our home? It will always make us happy to see the flowers that will add color to our balconies in every season. Plants, which are the miracles of nature, will bring peace to your home. Even if you live in a multi-storey apartment, you can turn your balcony into a garden. Many people can color their balconies with flower pots hanging from the balcony. Of course, there are difficulties in growing flowers on the balcony. You can get quality images with balcony flowers.

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First of all, you need to check whether your balcony is getting sun. If your balcony is out of the sun, you may be disappointed to plant flowers that require sun and not grow as a result. For this, you should pay attention to such factors when choosing flowers. Of course, as you go up from the ground, wind, weight and sun factors may cause you difficulties. But there is no rule that it is not possible. With a little research and perseverance, you can achieve this. The flowers you grow on your balcony will add a different and beautiful ambiance to the exterior of your home.

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Flowers such as Verbena, Begonia, Petonia can change the look of your balcony in an instant. You should choose flowers that can survive under difficult conditions. You can get help from the florist, considering the factors such as whether your balcony is exposed to sunlight, wind or rain. When choosing flower pot models, it is useful to choose those that are compatible with your balcony. You will have taken the first step in finding the one that suits your own balcony among many flower pot options and arranging it. It is time to easily buy flowers of different sizes and create your own arrangement.

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