The more sheltered and stylish appearance of the living spaces is possible by enclosing the garden with walls. Both security concerns and aesthetic concerns allow the areas where they live to be isolated from the outside world. Many people can make the houses they live in, especially with gardens, protected from the negative effects of the outside, thanks to different garden wall models .

Garden walls need to be durable. In addition to the fact that the garden is a special area, the garden walls, which have a decorative feature, can be in different models and materials. Thanks to the garden walls designed using more technical materials besides the models surrounded by wires, the atmosphere of the living spaces can change.

Security Concern? A Decorative Necessity?

Today, those who feel the need to have a garden wall built can have a garden wall built for both the security needs and the more elegant appearance of the gardens. Among the garden walls built to emphasize that the gardens are a private space and that they cannot be entered without permission and that they are not unattended, there are models that emphasize security, as well as models that emphasize aesthetics.

Among the mentioned models, users can turn their gardens by choosing the model that will best meet their needs. Among the garden wall models built with security concerns, concrete garden wall models are more preferred, while models with nostalgic appearance are preferred for decorative models.

Garden Wall Types

Villa Garden Wall Models

It is very important that the house and garden you live in are in harmony. This harmony is possible thanks to different garden wall models. Nowadays, especially with the increase of the popularity of hobby gardens, everyone can turn the garden to where it begins and ends with wire mesh or concrete walls as a sign. Wired garden wall models are preferred for this, while concrete garden wall models can be preferred for more aesthetic looks.

Villa Bahçe Duvar Modelleri
Villa Garden Wall Models

Some people want a visual design in their living space by choosing the most decorative and stylish ones among the wall models we have tried to specify. It is possible to find many garden wall models that will answer this. Flower garden wall models can be preferred for those who love green color in order to provide visual design and not to spoil the originality of the garden.

Most Preferred Models

Garden Stone Wall Models

Among the garden walls preferred by the users of the gardens, the most preferred models are generally wire models. Wire or fence garden wall models can be preferred because they are both economical and offer a safer structure in different types. However, for more visual designs and a high-end model, garden wall models include techniques based on lining stones and without using mortar. Stone wall models, which add a more nostalgic look to the environment in which they are made, are often preferred with these features.

Bahçe Taş Duvar Modelleri
Garden Stone Wall Models

Garden Wall Stones

Again, many people prefer the gardens to be both safe and decorative. Accordingly, they pay attention to these features in the models they prefer. In addition, the harmony between the building and the garden wall is an important factor in terms of visuality. In this context, irregularly laid stone wall models can be preferred.

Nostalgic and Modern Garden Wall Models

Garden walls are very effective in changing both the atmosphere and appearance of a space. While the models preferred for both villa gardens and hobby gardens in city centers and areas where life is lived above a certain standard, more modern garden walls are preferred, while models that are compatible with both the land and the building are preferred in more rural areas.

Wooden Garden Wall Models

Among the modern garden wall models preferred in a more stylish and contemporary way, glass garden walls and garden wall models using marble materials are preferred, while stone veneer models and wooden garden wall models are preferred as more shabby and nostalgic models . You can comment for information.

Ahşap Bahçe Duvarı Modelleri
Wooden Garden Wall Models

Garden Wall Designs

Patterned Models

A lot of choice is offered to users in garden wall designs . Patterned garden wall models are one of these choices. The patterned garden walls, which are used especially in enclosing cemeteries, village houses and mosque gardens, are built using cement and ytong. The patterned garden wall models that make the garden a safe environment can be worn quickly in the open field. Therefore, patterned models are preferred for more practical solutions.

Patterned models are preferred for buildings in rural areas. Although there are patterned models, there is no aesthetic concern in these models. For this reason, the patterned garden walls, which are made comfortably, provide serious convenience in the protection of gardens. Cement is also used abundantly in the production of patterned models that are considered in the category of cement garden wall models .

Materials Used in Garden Wall Construction

Practical Garden Wall Construction

Many materials are used in the construction of a practical garden wall , which we have tried to mention from above. The materials used may differ depending on the type of garden wall. While wooden materials are used in wooden models, glass products are used in wall models with glass features. However, materials such as concrete, cement, brick, sand, and marble are used a lot in the construction of almost all garden wall types. Brick garden wall construction is an old model, but it is still highly preferred.

Garden walls, glass walls, wooden walls, which are made in the form of coating on the original materials, come to the fore. On the walls made of stone material, only cements are used, which serve as an adhesive that allows the stones to interlock more tightly. The regular or irregular arrangement of the stones also emerges as a different garden wall model .

Garden Wall Decoration

Custom Design Garden Wall

Specially designed garden wall models are preferred in gardens where the quality of life is tried to be reflected. In addition to giving a beautiful and stylish appearance, you can have a more decorative garden wall with many different materials used in its construction. The wide range of products used in garden wall construction makes all this possible.

Wooden Garden Wall Decorations

Today, although almost every house has a garden in terms of landscaping, they have different characteristics. Ornaments and special designs can be made using various concrete molds for gardens, which are quite different from each other in terms of size. Although these designs are made by a landscape architect, the idea comes from the garden owner anyway. In this context, almost all of the nostalgic products used for blocks with special names, wooden garden wall decorations and stone walls are part of this design.

Thanks to these special designs made for the garden walls, the living space has a more beautiful and modern appearance, while contributing to the landscape areas in terms of environmental layout. Although only cement and sand are always used in the construction of garden walls , decorative materials are always used for the visual walls . In addition, it may be important for the gardens surrounded in this way to host a furniture set or to have different items in the garden in terms of harmony with the garden walls.

Within the framework of all these, the gardens are surrounded by different garden wall models due to various concerns. While almost all of these are done with a sense of ownership, visuality, security and isolation from the environment are also added to this. Almost all of the companies that make garden walls can offer many alternatives for users with different types of models.

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