Gray elegance in the bathroom

Its gray elegance in the bathroom will inspire you to bathroom decorating ideas. In an approximately 6 square meter bathroom, an extremely modern and simple bathroom is designed with tiles and cabinets dominated by soft gray color. ‘Gray elegance in the bathroom’ is here as the ‘Room of the Week’.

A unique relaxation area has been created in the bathroom with its gray elegance. If you need suggestions on bathroom decoration ideas, you can be inspired by taking a look at what kind of bathroom is built on an area of about 6 square meters. White and soft gray transitions are used for the bright and spacious appearance of the bathroom, which has a small window. Three different natural stones were preferred on the walls of the bathroom where dark gray ceramic parquet floor was preferred. There are ceramic tiles on the big wall of the bathtub and the bathtub, glazed granite on the side walls of the bathtub, and match-patterned tiles between the bathroom cabinet and the mirror. Due to the softness of light and gray color, three different natural stones did not create a mess, on the contrary, they contributed to the spacious and bright appearance.

banyodagrizarafeti5 The bathtub is not closed with a monolithic glass door, it is integrated with a half glass wall. A large seating area is created right next to the bathtub, which is selected a little smaller than the wall-to-wall size. On the wall where the bathtub is, there is room for shampoos with a simple shelf made of marble. A wire rack was set up to place towels on the side wall of the shower. Thus, a modern and simple bathroom was designed.

The gray elegance in the bathroom is continued with cabinets. It made a very stylish impression with gray cabinets, mirrored cabinet and two appliques right next to it. A stylish and striking choice was made with the fixtures used in the bathroom. The wall-hung WC is located just opposite the gray bathroom cabinet.

We recommend you to take a look at the gray elegance in the bathroom, which we chose as the “Room of the Week”, where you can be inspired by bathroom decoration ideas.





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