Guillotine Glass System

Guillotine Glass System

Nowadays, it becomes a necessity to close the balconies in apartment life. The way to close the balconies without damaging the architecture is to make glass on the balconies. Of course, glass systems are not only for balconies; Glass system is also used in semi-closed areas of places such as terraces, winter gardens, commercial cafes and restaurants.

Glass systems are divided into several types. These are: folding glass balcony, sliding glass balcony, and recently widespread guillotine glass balcony type.

What is Guillotine Glass System?

The glass system, also called movable handrail system, is folded and opened by sliding up and down, not as sliding glass systems. The number of glass plates is 2-3 or 4 pieces depending on the height of the place where it is made, 1 is fixed and the others are mobile.

The reason why it is called movable handrail system is that the glass, which is at the bottom of the handrail, is still in cafes and restaurants. It is called guillotine glass system because the other glasses slide down like a guillotine and fall to the level of the fixed glass.

The system that enables operation in the guillotine glass system is the motor, control (usually remote control), the rail system and the roller and chain system within the rail system.

Movable windows are opened or closed by moving them up and down on the rails with the motorized roller system. Thanks to this structure, the glass can be opened at the desired level.

Nowadays, the demand for the guillotine glass system is increasing, as well as being preferred in commercial enterprises, it is also used in home parts such as balconies and terraces.

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