Hand Made 20 Hand Made Products That Will Enjoy Your Home

You can evaluate the ideas that come to mind while evaluating the time spent for the hobby and at home. While decorating your home, you should pay attention to elegance and order. You can also follow fashion products. For example, 2016 chandelier models are thought to be in great demand this year. Suggestions like these will work for you.

What Can Be Hand Made Eye Light Decoration Examples?

1. Labor-made Decorations

You can make magnet ornaments that can be cut out of felt, cut and stick easily with a goo.

2.Beautify Plant Pots

You can paint the pots of your plants. Gilded paints are very trendy these days.

3. Become the Interior Architect of Your Home

Practical handmade ornaments can be turned into objects. For example; you can make a box, a bag from lace.

4. Handmade Lamps

You can make handmade chandeliers and lampshades from old lace.

5. Evaluate the Straw Ropes

Candle holders, chandeliers and wall decorations can now be made from straw. It is both stylish and inexpensive.

6. Make Stylish Cushions Without Spending Any Money

Colorful cushions on the seat are very good accessories. You can also make pillows suitable for patchwork fashion with the fabrics you do not use.

7. Mirror Decoration from CDs

You can decorate by sticking it around the mirror with proportional and shaped CD parts.

8. Newspaper Fly

Is it a fly screen from the newspaper? example for those who say. Newspapers are glued in rolls and cut into tiny little ones. Then you can sort them into fishing line or quilt yarn. That’s it.

9. Make Dolls from Fabrics

You can sew healthy toys for children using patterns and colorful fabrics. You can fill it with fiber and decorate it like a dress, hair and eyes.

10. Bottle Vases

We paint the bottles by pouring them with nail polish or similar paint. Then we dry it and use the colored bottles.

11. We Can Make Candle Holders

We can evaluate the jars and make candle holders. You can wrap the jar with straw rope and glue it. Decorated candle holders with beads, lace and ribbons will look very stylish.

12. How to Make a Pencil Holder

You can evaluate canned metal. Whether you paint it or wrap it with a thread. It is very stylish, there are pencil cases.

13. Organizer for Makeup Supplies

We will make separate compartments for rubbers, nail polishes and headlights. We fold the cardboard boxes into compartments and glue them together. Very easy handmade organizer.

14. Handmade TV Remote

For home decor, even the handpiece fits into the decor among handcrafted items . You cut the old and denim trousers, the color of which is up to you, so that they can be fixed on the seat. Then we fold the places you cut and sew. The decorations are up to your imagination.

15. Bags to Bag

You can make a bag holder that collects messy bags in the kitchen. The bag that you sew and decorate like a sack will be very useful for you.

16. Cover for Bottles

Water demijohns will look more elegant with the cover in the color of the kitchen.

17. Make a Photo Corner in Your Room

You can decorate the frames you do not use and hang your photos on your ornaments made using a mirror frame and rope.

18. Paper Butterflies

You can cut colored papers in the shape of a butterfly and create groups of butterflies floating on the wall.

19.You Can Do Coaster

You can make your coasters by combining ice cream sticks or decorating CDs.

Keychain Board from the 20. Frame

We are driving civets so that you can hang them on the photo frame and your key ring is ready.

How do we make hand-made products ourselves, that is, where we learn from.

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