Home Decoration DIY Ideas; Decorative Objects With Combed Yarn

Combed cotton yarn basket models, mat models, boxes and much more. Products made of combed yarn; They are the most beautiful decorative products that show what women who have time and love handwork, who are prone to knitting, can come up with DIY ideas for home decoration. You can make square, round, oval, rectangular baskets from these threads. You can use these baskets in the bedroom to store your jewelry, etc. Apart from that, you can make decorations outside of the pot. There are also models made as a demijohn cover.

You can make decorative vases with fancy combed cotton threads. If you can make an empty plastic bottle in accordance with its dimensions, you can place the bottle in this decorative knitted vase and put a real flower in it. In the past, various pendulums, flowerpots and flower beds were knitted from macrame threads. Nowadays, pots and flowerpots have started to be made from combed yarn in the same way. You can reveal decorative objects that can decorate your homes and make every room, including living room and kitchen, beautiful. You can create brand new designs by combining existing motifs and weaves with others.

The thickness, colors and patterns of the cotton threads are different. Some are thicker and some are thinner. The ones used for knitting are generally not very thick. If you want to make a sling cushion, sofa cover or curtain from combed cotton, you should choose thin threads and a little thick needle or crochet accordingly. Thus, these braids become looser, softer. You can do whatever you want with combed yarns using the knitting type we call frequent needle. To make something round, you can first create a round ring and then make a tight needle around it and continue ring by ring. Think of making decorative objects with a combed thread like knitting lace. However, because the rope is very thick, it will move much faster.

We have prepared inspiring examples for you to make objects with combed yarn, which is one of the great DIY ideas for home decoration.

Do not forget to check out our gallery for examples of combed cotton yarn and decorative objects.

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