How Should Carpet Seat Color Match Be?

The main elements in room decoration are furniture. The biggest furniture of every room is the most dominant product in terms of both color and style. In this case, it is necessary to examine the furniture according to the room in terms of color and style. In today’s article, we will talk about a harmony that should be considered from the living room to the living room, sometimes to the bedroom and even the bathroom decoration, how should the carpet seat color match be.

This harmony, which is most important in living rooms or living rooms, can come to the fore in other rooms depending on the situation. Our carpets and armchairs must match in terms of color and style. For example, using a chester-style velvet classic sofa next to it while using a puff puff round carpet causes an overly mismatched appearance. If your carpet has a sporty style, your sofa should also have a sport style. Likewise, if one of them is classic, the other should be classic too.

Well, with which colors can be compatible with the carpet seat color matching. Take the color green for example. One of the most popular shades of recent times is dark green, which we call asy green. You can best complement this color with cream and beige tones. We do not prefer light color tones for carpets and floors because they get dirty easily. Therefore, it is true to use the green on carpet or rug and use cream-colored or beige sofas. Likewise, let’s take gray color tones. Black, yes, a suggestion that will make the room super cool, which you will never think of. If you can choose your carpets from color tones such as black, smoked, dark gray, navy blue and choose your armchairs from gray, one of the most trendy colors of modern times, you will have a great harmony.

The harmony between the sofas and the armchairs in the kitchens is different. Even if we do not use as many carpets in the kitchens, it still appears from time to time. Those who want to emphasize their style may prefer rugs in dark gray tones in their kitchens. As seat colors, those suitable for patterned models or brown can be preferred.

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