How to Paint Furniture?

We would like to make frequent changes in our homes. Sometimes we make small but effective changes, such as relocating the sofa set and the TV unit, or putting a small flowerpot in the living room. Even a little bit of that is enough. However, if we want to make larger changes then the cost increases considerably. If we want to make changes in our homes without increasing the cost, the best thing we can do is to renew our furniture. Our furniture, whose color we change and add something to the corner, will actually look like brand new furniture. You can easily paint all the wooden furniture you want without any difficulty, paying attention to some technical features. After this sentence, we seem to hear everyone asking the question, how is furniture painted? The answer to this question varies according to the structure of your furniture, that is, the material it is made of. Furniture made of metal and similar materials is painted in a different style, while furniture made of wood and similar materials are painted differently. In this article, we will give information about how furniture made of wood and similar materials are painted.

If we explain how to paint furniture step by step, it will be much more understandable and practical. First of all, you need to prepare the furniture painting area. Because the environment gets dirty in line with the processes you will do. To prevent this, you can spread a large plastic sheet or an old sheet over the entire floor. Then bring the furniture you decided to paint here. Wipe clean all over well. Before proceeding with the other process, there should be no dust left on the furniture.

The cleaned furniture is ready for sanding. Sanding prevents color fluctuations on wooden furniture. It also ensures that the paint stays on the furniture and does not spill in a short time. Although sanding is a difficult task, it is a very important point when it comes to painting furniture. After getting the sandpaper, you need to sand the entire furniture surface in the direction of the wood used in the wood. Especially in order for furniture with a high gloss to hold the new paint, this polish must be completely gone and ready for painting. If you want, you can apply a primer after sanding. This is not a must for every piece of furniture.

We have come to the last point on how to paint furniture, paint the sanded furniture beautifully. If you want, polish it after it dries a little. You can use one or two coats of paint until the color tone is what you want.

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