How to Painting Bathroom Tiles?

Sometimes very small touches can create great effects in bathroom decoration. For example, although it is a very costly job to have all bathroom decoration done completely, you can have a brand new bathroom by renewing some parts of the bathroom. Changing or painting the tiles comes at the beginning of these bathroom renovations. How to paint worn, bright or discolored bathroom tiles?

Bathroom tiles are painted, but there are some spots. It may not be very permanent depending on the type of paint you use on tiles. Especially, it is necessary to choose the type of paint used in areas that are constantly in contact with water. If possible, you should not paint the tiles on the floor, in the shower cabin or on the edges, and the tiles around the sink. Because the paint of these tiles can be eroded very quickly.

On the walls, you can easily paint the tiles that do not have much contact with water. You can paint ceramic bathroom tiles as follows.

Tiles must be completely clean. Maybe you can use the dishes we use in the kitchen for this. Remove all stains and marks without scratching the tiles. Then wipe the tiles with a wet sponge and let them dry.

2. We sand the furniture before painting, here it is also necessary to sand the tiles. You can prepare the floor by using synthetic sandpaper to remove shiny parts and make the floor matte. If you want, you can also choose a sanding machine here.

3. After sanding, wipe off the dust, make the tiles sparkle.

4. Paint. Paint selection is very important in tile painting. There are two different types of paint you can use to paint tiles.

Epoxy paint: This paint, which is difficult to paint like tiles and used in floor paints with a color fastening, is a difficult paint to dry. You can prepare the paint to dry in accordance with the instructions for use.

Latex tile paint: It is a paint you can apply on it after priming. This is the paint you can get the best result in ceramic tile painting. You can paint in two layers depending on the color situation.

While painting the tiles, you can take care not to paint the downspools between them, and if the paint touched it, then wipe it off immediately.

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