Living Room Decorating Ideas 2021

Your living room is one of the areas where you will need a lot of planning and research before you start decorating. Apart from being a room where you will spend most of your personal time, it will be a space to host your guests. At this point, you may need decoration ideas to make the living room more useful and modern. Well, what can you do to make the living room more useful and modern? You can find ideas for modern living room decoration that we think will inspire you in the rest of our article.

If you are dreaming of a modern-looking living room decoration, you should first do an in-depth research on which designs to use and how, examine living room decoration examples suitable for your style, and especially turn to designs that will add a modern atmosphere to the space. Designs that you can incorporate into decoration to make your living room look more modern.

Ideas for Decorating Modern Living Room 2021

It may not be as difficult as you think to make your living space both more useful and much more modern. At this point, you can achieve this by including the right designs and the right colors in the decoration. On the other hand, getting rid of the excesses in the living room should be the first step you take for a more orderly and spacious decoration. Examples of living room decoration are in the continuation of our blog post.

Side table

oturma odası dekorasyon fikirleri
living room decorating ideas

The side table is undoubtedly one of the elements that every living room should have. If you want to add a modern atmosphere to the living room, we recommend you to choose modern coffee table models, especially glass and shiny metal. At this point, choosing a stylish coffee table can be the easiest way to add a unique atmosphere to the living room. Coffee tables with quality materials and modern design lines are indispensable parts of a modern living room.

Floor lamp

One of the pieces you need to include in the decoration to create a modern looking living room is the floor lamp. However, you should make sure that there is enough floor space in the room before choosing this design. Design lines are the first thing you should pay attention to at this stage, and we recommend you to choose industrial style floor lamp models with copper, brass or metal details.


Pillow covers also add a touch of beauty and modernity to your living space. If your sofa is plain, you can increase the interaction by using decorative pillowcases. At this point, the colors you choose should be in line with the general color palette of the living room, so when choosing pillows, you should choose color tones that match your carpet and curtains.


If you are planning to add too many decorative elements for the living room layout, be sure to keep your seats neutral. In this picture, a light-colored sofa design is chosen, which harmonizes well with the living area, the sofa’s decor theme and color palette.


Scented candles can act as a decorative element in your modern looking living room. You can also easily find candles of different shapes, sizes and colors.


Carpet designs are one of the indispensable elements in creating a modern living space. What’s more, these rugs allow you to easily combine the entire décor of the room. However, the floor rug should be a different color from the rest of the room. A neutral colored carpet can be an ideal choice for a modern living room decoration. Colors such as white, off-white, light cream, light gray or light beige, mink are popular colors for modern carpet models.


Finally, decorative paintings are your biggest help in making your living room look modern. Generally, oil paints or canvas paintings are preferred for wall decoration. However, you may want to consider choosing large metal or wooden wall panels that will create a more modern effect.

Living room decoration is constantly evolving in 2019 2020 2021.

Living Room Design Models

The patterns and touches in the bottom photo, which I present to the likes of leather lovers , are a very nice combination. The lines, touches, the harmony of the colors are very wonderful. It is a combination that can be chosen by people who believe in the nobility of colors and the languages of the colors. The table that has remained attached and the other auxiliary seats have made this combination very eye-catching.

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living room design

For some reason, I could not match this color marble as the floor covering. There are so many wonderful products on the market to complement this combination. Believe me, you can easily spend a week on marble selection and still you can not decide which one to choose. There are choices suitable for every segment and every budget. Everyone’s budget does not fit each other, so it is worth mentioning that there can be places suitable for every segment and they should research this. The choice of lampshade and lamp selection complement each other.

Oturma Odası Dizaynı Modelleri

The sofa set I shared above also stands out as eye-catching. It stands before us as a design that can be preferred by people with large houses and spaces. It stands out in harmony with its combinations.

Oturma Odası Dizaynı Modelleri

If there are those who hold the nobility of black in their preference, I think that the above study is a good example. It is very noble and very attractive. It is beautiful, but do not warn, then; it attracts excessive dust and wants to be cleaned constantly. Apart from these, you can never put this team in a sunny place. If you put it on a sunny place; you will cause your team to fade very quickly.

Oturma Odası Dizaynı Modelleri

In the image above, the living room model, which reveals itself in accordance with the nobility of the black on the floor, stands out as a very wonderful work. you can remove the carpets.

Oturma Odası Dizaynı Modelleri

Let the top selection come to those who love the courage of purple. The combination of broken cream and purple, in addition to the harmony of the butterfly selection on the wall, and in addition to this harmony, the clock is a completely self-explanatory team. If you choose a suitable dining table set, I think you can give your guests a total eye pleasure.

Oturma Odası Dizaynı Modelleri

Finally, the avant-garde Sofa Set; An alternative concept to the lorenz dining room, fixed in a classical style. The living room has a design that will make the living spaces the special part of the house with its elegant appearance, which offers many stylish applications such as gilded painted lapel and foot application on wood, special hand quilting, font back velvet fabric application, panel and path pattern pillow application, pull button application. Those who love this color and team love can apply it to their homes.

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