Patterned and Warm Living Room

The richly patterned and warm living room has been transformed into an intimate living space with carefully selected colors. The patterned and warm living room is on our pages as this week’s room.

The richly patterned and cozy living room has an area of 28 square meters. Generously letting the daylight in, the hall has been furnished with many patterns, but without any mess. The richly patterned and warm living room built around the triple sofa is home to many colors such as yellow, green, red and blue. Due to the patterns used in accessories and textiles, a plain gray color was preferred on the triple sofa. Colorful and patterned pillows are used on the sofa. On the console located just behind the sofa, a painting dominated by green tones and gold leaf mirrors are hung on both sides. The patterns that dominate the hall are also continued on the lampshades on the console. Integrity is achieved with the sofa and the backless sofa right across it, the middle coffee table. Straw and wooden accessories, fresh flowers are remarkable on the coffee table where wood and glass are used. Patterns are continued on the richly patterned and warm living room floor. Rattan carpets with cream, light yellow and light mink colors are used to emphasize stronger colors and patterns. Light gray walls are complemented by curtains with light yellow and patterned corners. Black cornices are used to stand out instead of losing the curtain cornices.

In front of the window just behind the seating area, it was designed as a wonderful resting corner with two patterned berjers. Two stylish and colorful sofas reinforced the rich patterned and warm living room decoration ideas. A very fresh decoration is created by using a green pillow in the blue and white patterned berjer. Artworks were also used in abundance in this stylish hall. The works of art on both the fireplace and the ongoing wall columns are eye-catching… Also, wonderful wall decorations were created with room divisions bought from an antique shop right next to the armchairs. Wall partitions are clamped between acrylic sheets and used as a work of art. This richly patterned and warm living room, which inspires a lot of decoration ideas, is here as the “room of the week”.




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