Carpet is a very important product that will turn a house into a cozy home. You can lay your floors with unique paintings with colorful, fluffy, modern or classic carpet models that can be found especially for different areas and you can instantly reflect your own style to the spaces you are in.

Halls, on the other hand, are the most valued area in the carpet selections made, and the selections are made meticulously. Pierre cardin carpet models are among their designs, with very nice designs that you cannot break, and they can be ideal options especially for stylish halls. This new collection, presented to the market with the Belis collection, provides elegant harmony with the geometric patterns of cream colors, and at the same time, they are a healthy option with their antibacterial and even anti fungal properties.

Designs that can give a fairytale atmosphere to the mysterious models created in the patterns will be able to fit perfectly into any hall with its usual quality.

You can visit our picture gallery to examine Pierre Cardin carpet models.

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